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2008 Super Sentai and Kamen Rider!

Engine Sentai Go Onger (weird name), and Kamen Rider Kiva. Go Onger seems like Dekaranger (hopefully it’s as good as well), but only 1 girl? =( Kamen Rider is as cool and awesome as ever, Kiva looks a lot like Agito Burning form. 2008 is going to be another fun tokusatsu year.

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Weird dream

I had a weird dream. I was at an airport, dunno where. Suddenly I found a cheap deal for a tour package to Australia. Why Australia? Dunno. And for some reason, I asked someone to go with me, who happened to be one of my friends from grade school. It gets weirder. For some reason, we thought it’s going to be very cold at our destination, and I almost forgot to bring my jacket with me. The airplane we rode on was an old propeller-cessna-like plane. We commented on how “dangerous” the plane might be, and yet we still rode on it. The plane seemed to shake during flight too. For some odd reason, suddenly my friend’s mom was also on the plane together with us. Yeah, the weirdness didn’t end there.

During the flight, the plane took a detour, and suddenly landed on a farm-like area. We were all confused. Apparently the tour was a setup by some pirates/hijackers. They took all our belongings, and wanted to sell us a roll of toilet paper for $30 as a chance of “survival” on the remote island/jungle (yeah, the farm turned into a jungle… LOL). I guess the cheap tour was too good to be true.

Wait, it didn’t end there. Me, my friend, and his mom escaped to the city. Also apparently my friend’s mom knew someone in the FBI (yeah…). She called them in hope for the FBI to rescue us. In the process, we also managed to go into a local hotel in the city and booked a room. The hotel seemed to have an old architecture with many Greek-style pillars and maze-like hallways. In the room, we were greeted by an FBI agent (wow, they were fast… LOL), and we were briefed quickly on how they’ve been trying to catch this ring of pirates/hijackers. For an unknown amount of time later, we followed a bunch of FBI agents raiding the pirates/hijackers’ base, which conveniently was not in a farm/jungle anymore, but in the same city.

There you go. Weird huh. Even weirder is the amount of details, and the fact that I remembered them. Usually if I had a dream, I forgot what it was. However this one was so vivid. I wonder what could it be. A bad omen with a good turnout? Some kind of new-year prediction? A piece of advise in disguise, like not to take a cheap tour? Or maybe because I watched too much anime? Analyzing aside, I probably should copyright this story idea just in case Hollywood decided to make a movie from it. LOL. Oh well, Happy New Year!

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Sashimi + dessert


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Cowon A3

The successor of the best portable media player Cowon A2, here comes Cowon A3.

The good:
-Supports .mp4 and .mkv, meaning more video podcasts and anime on the go.
-Supports H.264
-Sharp high res screen.
-Loading videos seem quicker than the A2.
-UI seems snappier than the sluggish A2.
-It even comes with a screen protector!
-Everything good about the A2 is applicable here (UMS compliant, can view text, pictures, can delete file within the device, etc), other than some ugly things mentioned below.

The bad:
-HD playback problems (see my youtube video overview). It would be amazing that a portable device like this can playback HD (720p) content perfectly. Knowing Cowon, firmware updates are expected, but maybe there are some hardware limitation involved.
-No subtitle support for Matroska (the .mkv I used in my youtube video has a hard-sub).
-No gapless playback of MP3 audio.

The ugly:
-Nipple/joystick control is annoying, and its reliability is questionable. (you’ll see on the youtube video, I was moving back and forth between the folder tree for no reason, that’s due to the stupid joystick)
-Proprietary USB jack. The mini USB jack is NOT a USB jack.
-No case included.

The PMP competitors:
-Archos. They are probably the closest competitor to Cowon in PMP. However, Archos decided to charge you extra for things like H.264 playback. WTF?
-Apple. The largest screen DAP Apple has is the Touch. It’s flash based and thinner, but capabilities as a PMP is way below the A2/3. If only Apple would support divx/xvid.
-Sony. Huh? Sony? Is that food? To give Sony’s credit, they put divx support on the PS3. Hopefully that will translate to their portable devices, that is if Sony is still interested in that market.
-Creative. Their Zen Vision W was quite popular, but Creative seems to be focusing on cheap flash based DAPs. The Zen? 320×240 videos won’t cut it anymore.
-Microsoft. The Zune? Meh. Large but low-res screen, plus limited codec support (not much different than Apple). However, Microsoft recently put divx support on the Xbox360. Question is will they do the same for the Zune.

As a DAP, the A3 fails. Let’s face it, it is designed to be PMP. As a DAP, it is big, heavy, has crappy audio battery life, folder tree only browsing, no gaples, and that dreaded joystick. The only great thing about it as a DAP is the on-screen spectrum analyzer.

As a PMP, the Cowon A3 is still king of the crop. I mean try to find a portable player that support .mkv. Heck, even the old A2 is still better than most PMPs/PMP-wannabe DAPs out there. I rate the A3 9 out of 10. -1 for HD playback problems, even though it is advertised to be able to. Hopefully Cowon can improve/fix the performance of HD content playback with firmware updates.

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Media vs Video Game

It’s Christmas, and it’s time for the media to start another FUD against video games. I was watching my local news, and they are advertising an upcoming segment on how to pick video games for your kids. Well, with so many family friendly video games out there (Guitar Hero, Rockband, DDR, Singstar, Karaoke Revolution, Super Mario Galaxy, etc), they used a cutscene from Half Life 2 video game, an M-rated game. So, why would a segment about choosing a video game for your kids is showing an M-rated game? OK, pretty obvious that their intention is to spread FUD to unsuspecting parents.

Going into the segment, more video game cutscenes are played. Again, nothing from all those popular family friendly games mentioned above. Instead, all I saw were scenes from FPS games, namely more Half Life 2, Assassin Creed (also an M-rated game), etc.

Come the worst part. They went to a local video game store to interview some shoppers. They interviewed few parents, then, a 12-year-old black kid, playing a demo of Heavenly Sword. Then the reporter asked the kid why he liked that video game. The kid innocently said because he can kill stuff. Wow, jackpot for the FUD spreader. Look parents, video game is “bad” because it makes a black kid killing stuff! WTF? Of course, no other kids are shown. You have to wonder why they picked a black kid for the interview.

The next step is a short interview with a guy, presumably someone from the gaming industry. He was explaining the ESRB rating system and how it helps parents to pick a suitable game, and suddenly the interview was cut off with the reporter continuing the show off camera saying “Oh really,” and rambled on about parents still not knowing what is inside the game box. WTF? Are parents illiterate or something? How hard can it be? M for Mature, T for Teen, etc. How simple can that be? But the reporter was trying to make as if reading a 1 letter rating to be very confusing and complicated.

Of course, during the whole segment, none of those popular family friendly games are even mentioned. And this is about a segment for choosing a video game for your kid? It’s as if they’re saying parents to pick those M-rated FPS games for their kids. WTF?

*sigh. Jack Thompson is probably cheering somewhere. Maybe we should just flood the US video game market with Japanese eroge.

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The Statue of Liberty, holding an eePC? LOL

Found these 2 ads by chance. LOL

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Yes 66%
No 26%

Lets101 – online free dating

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XBOX 360 Fall 07 update

Turn on your Xbox 360 today, and you’ll be offered an update. Download it, and you’ll be able to watch divx/xvid .avi files without transcoding right on the 360! SWEET! I can even stream xvid videos from my Windows Home Server right on the 360. Awesome! Next is the PS3 to get divx/xvid playback.

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MDA rap parody

You probably have watched the lame rap video of the upper management people from Singapore’s MDA. It was even featured in a popular tech podcast, crankygeeks! Well, the downside(or upside) of putting such lame video in youtube, is that you will get parodies pretty quick for further enjoyment of the public. Here’s one of the best one I’ve seen so far, clearly showing the actual function of the MDA.

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