Crayon Shinchan

30 Mar

Just watched the dubbed version of Crayon Shinchan at Sakuracon 2008. It belongs to the worst dubs together with digimon. Why? The word “Funimation” should give you a hint.
1. They localized it. How idiotic. Yeah, let’s pretend that Shin-chan is living in the US. This is what I really hate about US dubs. I mean what’s wrong for the anime to be placed in Japan, like it is originally? I mean what’s wrong with Japan? Why do they have to Americanized every dialog?
2. They bastardized the dialogs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Crayon Shin-chan is a kids show in Japan. The US dub version has Shin-chan talking about Viagra, meth, drugs, etc. I mean WTF? Another point that US dub is simply moronic. Yeah, I know that the original jokes might not translate well into dub. So JUST SUB IT! The Japanese Shin-chan is so funny because it’s a kids show. The dub completely ruins it by completely bastardized the dialogs into crap.
3. The censored it. Yup, even though they pretend Shin-chan to be an “adult” show by putting crap in the dialogs, they still censor it. WTF? I guess in the US, no humans have genitalia. Either that or Funimation thinks all Americans are pedophiles. Oh well, even the US government thinks every US citizens as pedophiles, so I guess it’s second nature for a company based in Texas.
4. Of course, after all that, don’t expect the original song to be intact. Nope.

And they wonder why people are doing fansub. Let’s see if we are even going to get the crossover between Shin-chan and Kamen Rider Den-O.


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