Another Moronic News Media and Parents

09 Apr

Everybody probably knows now about the teenage girls being beat up and taped on video. It was featured as “news” last night, and this morning on NBC’s Today’s Show. I have a feeling where the blame will go, and I was right. While they started talking about how parents should watch what their kids are doing, boom, Meredith started talking about “Well how about those websites?” (youtube, myspace, etc), and bam, the troll on the show started the crap about how these sites should be responsible, bla bla bla. Even the mother was talking about how she didn’t understand those sites, yet putting blame on them. Well, if that’s the case, then Today’s Show should be responsible too since they’re showing the beating video multiple times on a national level, probably reaching far more audience and age range than youtube. Yet another moronic news media trying to blame online sites so they can pretend that they’re still relevant. I don’t condone violence, and there are a LOT of stupid people and dumb things online, but it’s the same thing in real life and offline.

I mean c’mon, with so many international, economic, and political events/news, they rather put this as headline news day and night? Yet another dumbing of America. I can’t wait until GTA 4 is released. I bet we won’t see anything else on the news other than how bad video games are.

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Posted by on April 9, 2008 in beating, media, news, violence


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