More whining Americans

02 Jun

I’m watching a local news, featuring the troubles Americans are facing, the increase in fuel price. They’re following and interviewing a girl on how she’s trying to save money. Well, sounds more like whining to me. First, she said now she’s making coffee at home instead of buying. OH BOOHOOO! Is that supposed to draw sympathy? Next she’s talking about her car, and she wondered what should she do, sell her car? Well, guess what she’s driving, an Acura RSX. Again, whooping BOOHOO! If she is really concerned about fuel prices, get a more economical car/hybrid. The news is trying to show how “bad” the economy is. In a way, yes, American economy is not doing pretty well, but showing white people whining about their luxury lifestyle and luxury cars means news media doesn’t get the message, or simply trying to cloud the real problems/issues.

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Posted by on June 2, 2008 in america, economy, fuel prices


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