Go-Onger Ep24

19 Aug

There are times when I felt sympathy, or even rooting for the bad guys in super sentai shows, simply because the heroes are simply too powerful. This Go-Onger clip shows exactly that. 1st, instant G9 formation. 2nd, the monster’s attacks barely pushed Engine Oh G9. 3rd, the monster is supposed to be a strong one from Samurai World combined with Hiramekimedes, one of the most powerful generals, but Go-Onger defeated them in one shot. All in less than 2 minutes! LOL.

Here’s a funny scene from the episode.
-Sousuke’s reaction to the blank-faced Hiroto & Miu
-Gunpei touching Hiroto’s face, and Hiroto looking at him in disgust
-Hiroto running form the ghosts. LOL


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