Apple new notebook rumors

11 Oct

Well, as expected, Apple announced an event, and BAM, the rumors, spy pics and videos are all over the net. I’ll chime in too. 🙂

-Macbook: Make it lighter. The Macbook is heavy! If Sony and Dell can make a 13.3″ laptop that weigh only less than 4 pounds, why can’t Apple? Maybe the move to aluminum will help. Spec wise, the Macbook is good, except for the integrated intel graphic. Although I do wish for a Macbook with a dedicated GPU, don’t think it will happen. Oh, and please get rid of the combo drive model. Almost any other laptops out there come with DVD burner. Apple, this is 2008, not 2000.
-Macbook Air: Apple missed on this one. With the advent of cheap netbooks, an expensive Macbook Air is less and less attractive. The problem with the Air is that it’s not smaller. Sure it’s super thin, but the footprint is still around the same as 13.3″ laptops. On top of that, it doesn’t have much IOs. The least Apple could do is drop the price and add more storage. Or maybe just discontinue it and make a Macnetbook.
-Macbook Pro: It’s hard to think of a redesign MBP. Even Jobs thinks it’s almost perfect. Many people wants WWAN option. Maybe the glass trackpad to justify the premium price (if the Macbook becomes aluminum too). Blu-ray drive, maybe, but I don’t think it will happen considering Apple’s focus on doanloadable

There are not much info in the rumors compared to the 4G nano. Spec wise, I don’t see any newer chips from intel, considering intel is moving to the i7. Maybe quad core MBP. Maybe this will be just a design change without spec upgrade, waiting for i7. I do want a smaller Apple laptop. 11″ or so would be nice. Let’s face it Apple, the Macbook Air is not what the consumer want. With a downturn economy, cheap netbooks are more and more attractive. Apple doesn’t have to race to the bottom, but they have to rethink their pricing strategy.

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Posted by on October 11, 2008 in apple, Macbook, Macbook Air, macbook pro, notebook, rumor


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