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Aleph – Fly To Me

Found this on a Japanese blog

LOL. That is Dave Rodgers(!), in the 80s. LOL. Yeah, this is the beginnings of what will become Eurobeat. Look at the hair style, and the guy playing the guitar… LOL. Alas, the video is not complete.

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Go-Onger Ep38 + Kamen Rider Kiva Ep40 Funnies

All the guys in Go-Onger cross dressing. LOL. Hiroto blinded me with his pink dress.

Kamen Rider Kiva Ep40 brough IXA back to Nago, and he’s cool again, at least for a moment. I hate Kengo, and I’m glad Nago got IXA back. However, this episode ended with a cliffhanger. Will IXA survive Saga’s finishing attack? I hope so, I hope they don’t kill Nago.

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Kamen Rider Cosplay

Okay, I’m a Kamen Rider fan, but these guys are more than just fans. I found these pics on a forum, some guys cosplaying Kamen Rider IXA, Kuuga, and Hibiki. Their costumes are quite awesome! Anyway, whoever you guys are, those are really cool, especially Rising IXA. LOL

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Family Guy

I’m not really a fan of American cartoons in general. They’re usually unoriginal, poorly drawn & animated, have lifeless characters and no story, and the supposedly comedies are hardly funny. Most people are familiar with Family Guy. It piqued my interest when the Blue Harvest DVD was advertised during Apple’s Macworld 08 keynote. It’s a cartoon about the Griffin family, taking cues form the Simpson. There’s Peter the father, Lois the wife, Meg the daugther, Chris the son, Stewie the baby, and Brian the dog.

Peter is the standard idiot, kinda like Homer Simpson. Chris is also dumb, probably more than Peter. Lois and Meg are normal. The episodes and scenes that focus on anybody other than Stewie and Brian are rarely funny and the typical brainless American cartoon. What makes Family Guy interesting is Stewie and Brian. Brian is the family’s dog that can talk, walk on 2 feet, and is very cultured (he always reads newspaper, drinks martini, etc). Stewie is the family’s baby, but able to speak sophisticated English, with an accent, and has an evil plan to rule the world. What makes him hilarious is his vile mouth. Although most of the shows are boring/not funny, Stewie and Brian always give me a chuckle or two.

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Kamen Rider Kiva Ep39

Oh yes, things are getting more interesting. Wataru (Kiva), after being revealed to be a half Fangire, wanted humans & Fangire to live together. He confessed to the Aozora organization that he’s Kiva, now Shima ordered everybody to kill Kiva. Taiga (King), apparently Wataru’s half brother, wanted Wataru to rule over humans together with him as Fangire. Mio (Queen), Wataru’s love, now wants Wataru to kill Taiga so she can be together with Wataru. Wow, what a complicated turn of events. Kengo is still an annoying emo brat, and I can’t wait for IXA to return to Nago. The previous King/Dark Kiva is kicking ass in 1986. After Bishop turned Kiva into a bad guy, the episode ended with a cliffhanger (damn it, just like Gundam 00). Still, Kiva looks more of a bad ass this way.. 😀

I really wish they kill off Kengo’s character. He is really an annoyance, acting all emo yet contributes nothing to the story, and his henshin move is pretty lame (pushes the IXA Knuckle on his boots).

Overall, Kiva seems to take cues from Faiz (555). Wataru is Fangire, while Takumi is Orphenoch. Both has to fight their own friends (Taiga in Kiva, Kiba in Faiz). Heck, Mio is in both series (she’s Mari in Faiz). Can’t wait for the next episode.

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Time Machine problem

After installing the recent update to Safari on my iMac, suddenly Time Machine gave me errors that my Time Machine drive is read only. WTF? I checked the permission, it said I can read & write, but on the Get Info pane of the Time Machine drive still said it’s read only. I restarted my iMac, no difference. I fired up disk utility, did a verify disk and canceled it (because it’s taking too long), and suddenly Time Machine is okay. I restarted my iMac again, and Time Machine gave the error again. Finally, I ejected the drive, unplugged its cable, and reconnected it, and everything is fine so far. Weird.

This is an issue with MacOS in general. Most of the time, the OS is great without issues, but then there are times when weird things like this happened without a definitive solution/answer. I googled the issue and various people pretty much tried all things that I did above as trial & error in solving the problem.

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Kanro Tsukemen

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Kanro Tsukemen, originally uploaded by pika2000.

Kanro Tsukemen

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