Accel World AMV 9 – Life is Like a Boat

03 Jun

Yay, more Accel World AMV! ^_^ This time, I’m using the music from the first ending of Bleach, Life is Like a Boat by Rie Fu. I like the song and it’s very touching. On this AMV, I’m trying to portray the emotional scenes and the characters’ (Haru, Kuroyukihime, Taku, and a bit of Chiyu) trait/progress using the lyrics of the song. No fighting avatars this time. I think I cried a little during the making.

Youtube version in case Viddler is slow.
*Youtube flagged the video and did a strike one on my account. Of course, I didn’t get any emails (contrary to what they said), only saw the unskippable notice when I log-in. So I guess is the alternative.

Considering the next episode is delayed, I think I might take a break in making AMVs… or not. ^_^ I just have to be patient in searching for great songs and appropriate clips.

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