Accel World AMV 17 – Taku x Haru

09 Jul

Taku x Haru! LOL. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking, but to hell with it. 😀 You can use your own imagination for the last half of the AMV.

Youtube version

Well, this is actually a botched AMV. 😀 If you noticed, Kuroyukihime and Chiyu are non-existent in the AMV other than in the starting credits. I want to use the song おかえり by ayaka for one of my AMVs since I like that song (the ED theme of J-Dorama “Zettai Kareshi”). I had a vague idea in my head, and went ahead making the AMV. I even made a pretty nice opening credits and title screen. I started the clips selection, selecting mostly clips of Taku and Haru first. But then I lost my train of thought. I just couldn’t come up with anything to match the lyrics of the song. The funny thing was, the clips I have selected of Taku and Haru kinda connected with each other, and, well… with a corrupted mind from reading too many doujinshi, voila. 😀 I already made an AMV in the theme of Taku x Haru pairing, Gravi World, so I thought oh well, let’s do another one with a bit of use-your-own-imagination something something. Poor Kuroyukihime, only featured in the starting credit.

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