Accel World Ep 15 Quick Recap #accel_world

20 Jul

The time has finally come, the moment that Noumi Seiji/Dusk Taker stole Haru/Silver Crow’s wings/flight ability. The episode started with Haru’s first battle with Seiji, and it ended badly, with both Chiyu and Haru crying… T_T So sad…

Add on to that Haru and Taku’s friendship being threatened due to Haru trying to keep everything a secret. It’s drama and sadness. Luckily the episode moved briskly to Haru meeting Ash Roller again. This is where Ash Roller’s character shines. (S)He’s one burst linker that is truly enjoying the game. When Haru told him to just finish him, (s)he decided not to, and took Haru to meet Sky Raker (or Laker? Since it was katakana, every translations were Raker before the official subtitle stating Laker).

Anyway, it’s an emotional episode, at least the first half. The even more unfortunate side of this, no Kuroyukihime at all (other than in Haru’s flashbacks). Looking forward to a brighter episode 16, at least until Chiyu switches sides (Poor Haru and Taku, your hardship is just starting).

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