Haruyuki Grows Up! #accel_world

09 Sep

Inconsistencies in character drawings/animations happen all the time in anime, although newer animes seem to have less of those thanks to CGI compared to the classic anime back in the 80s. When a character has extreme characteristics, slight inconsistencies become more apparent, especially if you are a fan of the show and watch each episodes multiple times…
In any case, Haruyuki, the main protagonist of the anime Accel World, is portrayed as a short chubby boy. When I say short, he is really short. A great example is in this screenshot where you can see that he’s shorter than even the counter.

In episode 22, there’s a scene where Haru is talking with Taku on a bench. Most probably won’t notice, but I felt like Haru looking like a normal person, instead of his usual exaggerated characteristics. It felt, off, in a way. I decided to take screenshots and yay, Haru grows up! 😀 Anyway, let’s take a look at the first shot.

This is what you expect. You can see Haru’s height is just by Taku’s neck, and his shoulders in within the second board of the wooden seat-bench.
Then observe the next shot.

Whoa, talk about growth spurt. 😀 His height is almost at Taku’s eye-level now. And you can see the wooden seat as a mark. Haru’s shoulders are now within the first top board.
And finally:

Wow, it’s like somebody else completely. Haru looks like a normal person with a normal body proportion. His shoulders now are above the top of the first board of the seat.

Well, I guess those pizzas he’s been eating are good for something. Calcium intake. 😀

Accel World has been usually consistent in its animation, with inconsistencies mainly due to Engrish in the Brain Burst UI. Seeing Haru grows up so quickly is funny though. 😀

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