Accel World ep 23, More Engrish #accel_world

14 Sep

Accel World ep23, the penultimate episode, is here. The final all-or-nothing battle with Noumi Seiji/Dusk Taker is starting. Also, a new challenger showed up, Black Vise. This episode explored Seiji’s background a little bit, but focused more on Taku fighting Seiji, although he lost in the end. Luckily, Kuroyukihime is back! The final episode is going to be even more exciting, with Kuroyukihime fighting Black Vise, and Silver Crow finally goes head-to-head in a final battle with Dusk Taker.

An awesome episode. But as usual, being a nerd, I found more Engrish annoyances. It’s basically the UI of the handheld device that is being used to store burst points.

Here’s a closer look:

“Does it start?” LOL. What, is it in a troubleshooting mode? Makes no sense. They should just say “Start?” Instead, somebody tried to be fancy with more “English” words.

Next is the UI that asked Silver Crow to join the sudden-death battle.

LOL. Why is it asking “Do you do a sudden death battle?” They could’ve just put “Join a sudden death battle?”
Really, I mean come on, can they just ask a random English speaking person?

On the other hand, they had a warning about losing all burst points, and they actually did a good job here.

This is what amazes me. They managed to do the warning that contains more words properly, yet they failed at the simple inquiries.

Regardless, love the show. One more episode. I don’t want it to end. I really hope for a second season, and soon, not years later. I hope they don’t just continue the story via OVAs bundled with the games or blu-rays.

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