Accel World Final Episode #accel_world

21 Sep

Today was a big day. No, I’m not talking about the sale of some phone named iPhone 5. I’m talking about the final episode of my numero uno favorite anime, Accel World. It’s sad that the anime is ending, but it’s an awesome episode with superb animation and great “ending.”

The episode started when we’re left off in episode 23, the final fight between Silver Crow and Dusk Taker. They even skipped the OP completely, went straight to the good stuff. The animation is just superb, worthy for the final episode. From episode 23, we had Silver Crow discarding his armor to escape from Black Vise’s trap, and the return of Black Lotus. Episode 24 started with Silver Crow equipping the Gale Thruster and battle Dusk Taker in the sky. There are numerous times that Silver Crow almost failed as the Gale Thruster’s energy running out, but Haru’s use of the incarnation system, and the support from the two girls helped him.

*Hey, that blinding light… How conveniently placed. -_-;

Silver Crow managed to overpower Dusk Taker, but the unexpected happened. Lime Bell used her Citron Call special ability. Silver Crow was taken aback at first, thinking that Chiyu betrayed them again, but it’s shown later that Lime Bell isn’t actually “healing” Dusk Taker. The Citron Call ability is not really “healing” the target, but more like reversing time. Dusk Taker lost his wings, and Silver Crow gained them back, with an incredible animation to boot.

Silver Crow literally cut Dusk Taker’s body in half, and his upper torso fell to the ground. Lime Bell explained her ability, and the fact that she sided with Seiji was to level up her special ability so she can reverse time further back to the point of time before Dusk Taker took Silver Crow’s wings. Dusk Taker implored Black Vise to help him, but Black Vise decided to escape as he didn’t have any grudge against the Nega Nebulous team. Plus he didn’t want to fight Black Lotus. We got a glimpse of Black Lotus’ incarnation ability here, cutting a whole building in half.

Dusk Taker were left to his own, crawling helplessly, begging for his life. It’s befitting as he said he used to abuse woodlice, and now he’s crawling like one. Silver Crow ended his suffering with his Laser Sword ability. Dusk Taker is no more. Noumi Seiji’s memory about Brain Burst was erased, and actually it might make him into a normal happier kid. A good touching ending for one of the most hated villain in anime world.

Back at Haru’s apartment, Taku, Haru, and Chiyu made up and are friends again, including some hugging and crying. Very touching considering the things they went through.

So, things are settling down. Haru is picking up Kuroyukihime from the station. We saw Kuroyukihime saying good-bye to Megumi, and Megumi looking at Haru with a red burning eyes of jealousy. LOL.

Back at Haru’s apartment, we have a super cute scene between Haru and Kuroyukihime. Hime asked Haru what he would want for his reward, and Haru said he wanted Hime to stay by his side forever, which made Hime blushed. So cute!

Back at school, the guy that hit Haru and his teacher apologized to him after his name is cleared thanks to Kuroyukihime. I’m glad that they followed up on this issue. Haru, being a too-nice of a guy, just ran instead of demanding somekind of tributes from those two. The reformed Noumi Seiji appeared, and looked a lot happier without Brain Burst. Closing scenes with Niko and Pard ensued, discussing the loss of memory after Brain Burst is uninstalled. Haru then told Hime there’s one more thing. He set up for them to meet with Fuuko, aka Sky Raker, to return her Gale Thruster. Haru also wanted Hime to make up with Fuuko, and they did, filled with crying and hugging, another touching scene. T^T

The anime is closing with Haru giving an uplifting monologue with quick scenes of the various characters, including two that were not introduced in the series (hopefully a teaser for a second season!), about “how we live in the gap between one moment and forever. Meeting and parting in a world where everything changes and everyone is frantically living their life. How there must be some things that don’t change, but there are some things that change and cannot be obtained back. But we know that even things do change, things start over again, and as long as they have the desire, people can always move forward and they can accelerate.” Made me cried. T^T More reason to love Accel World!

Well, there we go, the end of one of the best anime I’ve enjoyed. So far, it only covered up to book 4 of the light novel, and there are already 12 volumes of the novels. So plenty of materials left for more Accel World! Excellent series. It’s been a lot of fun. Farewell for now.

Oh who am I kidding. I’m addicted to Accel World, I cannot just go off cold turkey. Already watched the final episode twice in a row. Time to do a marathon of the whole series. Good thing I also bought the PSP game, Ginyoku no Kakusei. The story is a bit different than the actual timeline of the anime due to the nature of the game, but it has the same seiyuu, and it will help me with my addiction, hopefully until they make a second season.

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