Pre-anime Accel World #accel_world

03 Dec

Many (including me) found out about Accel World thanks to the anime. We are now familiar with the characters.

Haru’s height is greatly exaggerated to be very short and his demeanor is more comical, while Kuroyukihime is portrayed as a tall and slender “princess,” and we see many many fan arts reflecting characters based on the anime.

However, Accel World has existed as a light novel way before the anime, started way in 2009. It is very interesting seeing the fan arts before the anime. Here’s an awesome one, featuring the Nega-Nebulous members from pixiv.

We see the characters have a different style to them, especially the duel avatars. They are less “mecha” and feels a bit more organic compared to the anime version. Kuroyukihime looks a bit more like a normal girl, and black-haired Haru looks like a bad-ass! Haru is short, but not as short as the anime portrayed. ^_^

Yeah, I’m bored. I am waiting excruciatingly for the second season of Accel World, or at least the second game and the second OVA. My addiction is barely met with browsing fan arts on pixiv. >_<

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