Tamako Market

07 Apr

Since all the anime I’ve been watching have ended (Magi, Psycho Pass, Vividred Operation) and without any hint of Accel World season 2, I’ve been looking for other anime. Stumbled upon Tamako Market. It’s one of those cutesy every day/school life of a girl anime. It’s about Tamako, a daughter of a mochi shop at Usagi yama shopping district, and her daily lives and activities, families, and friends. It’s one of those light and cutesy anime, very enjoyable.

tamako market gif01

But of course, the one that is the star of the show is actually Dera, the self-righteous talking bird that speaks Japanese and likes mochi. He went to Japan to find a bride for his prince, but then he ate too much mochi, became fat, and hilarity ensues around him and Tamako.

This anime is not actually new. It has completed in 12 episodes. Time to batch download them. 🙂

tamako market gif02

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