Canon Powershot S100 Lens Error

16 Apr

Ah, the Canon Powershot S100, my favorite compact camera. It’s a pretty awesome camera for its size. Great picture quality, HD video, RAW capability, f 2.0 lens, it’s my go-to camera for travel. And look at that, with its lens protruding out. Problem is, my S100 is stuck like that now! Its lens won’t retract back. Yes, I got the dreaded lens error, reported by many S100 owners.

I was walking around the neighborhood in the nice sunny day, taking my Canon Powershot S100 with me so I can take quick snaps. After two or three pictures, this happened:

And I was

haru shocked2

I heard about the S100 lens error issue, but I didn’t think too much of it since it has not happened to me, till now. I have used my S100 for many trips without issues, so I thought I was lucky. I guess my luck has run out. Canon has an advisory about this issue, and my serial number is within the range stated.

I quickly went back home from my walk, and checked Canon’s website for repair. Using the website to initiate repair, Canon wants $175 (including shipping and tax).

Hell no. Looks like Canon’s repair website doesn’t recognize this issue. Their own advisory stated that the repair is supposed to be free. I emailed Canon, and the rep told me to ship it to their repair center in Virginia.*sigh We’ll see how this goes. I have read many horror stories from people dealing with this. I have never had issues with any digital cameras in the past before. I guess I have to go back to my old S90 for now.

This is the last picture that my S100 took before it bit the dust.

Kuroyukihime is not happy! 😦

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