Accel World: The Peak of Acceleration Progress

20 Apr

Still waiting for the unlikely season 02, I keep my addiction at bay by playing Kasoku no Chouten. To be honest, I don’t play a lot of dating adventure games, so I was quite intrigue that apparently there are many different routes and endings for Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten. It’s a very deep game! And so many CGs to unlock!


My first run seems like the normal ending/route for the game. It’s the generally happy ending where everybody keep their Brain Burst. However, as I noted in my review, White Cosmos and Cyan Disaster are nowhere to be found. After playing the game for the third time, I noticed several choices that affect the course of the game.

The first one is fairly early in the game, where Haru is going to have tests at school, but Niko dropped by to play some video games with onii-chan.

I think the choice here will only affect the events in the school’s cultural festival. If Haru decided to play with Niko, we will see this during the cultural festival.

If Haru said no, then you won’t get that CG.

The second branch is a very significant one. This is when the Nega Nebulus and Prominence team were fighting Chrome Disaster. During the fight, there is a choice that will result in either Haru or Taku being attacked by Chrome Disaster. This will affect who got infected by the cursed armor. On my first run, it was Haru, thus Silver Crow turned gold during the fight with Black Vise and Rust Jigsaw.

However, if Haru asks for assistance, Taku would be the one attacked and got infected by Chrome Disaster. And yes, he turned into Cyan Disaster.

He looks bad ass, especially later on when his form evolves, with a sword piercing through his chest. Total bad ass.

Story wise, it’s pretty depressing. Chiyu tried to reverse the infection by using Citron Call, but it didn’t work and it made her depressed as she wasn’t successful either trying to get Sky Raker’s legs back. Cyan Pile dropped out from Nega Nebulus, gained level 9, kicked ass, formed his own legion, and becomes the Cyan King. In the climax, Black Lotus duked it out with Cyan Disaster and defeated him. While Cyan Pile is dying, Lime Bell managed to bring him back using Citron Call, and saved Taku from getting his Brain Burst uninstalled. The ending is kinda foggy in my memory though. It was my second run and I was so disappointed that I didn’t get any epilogue after the end credits that I quickly restarted the game for a third run. Kuroyukihime gained level 10, Cyan Pile met with White Cosmos, and the game ends with a cliffhanger, with the Nega Nebulus team diving into the unlimited neutral field.

On my third run, I ran into two more branches. One is whether Silver Crow would defeat Scarlet Rain or not. Haru gained level 9. Niko decided that she’s going to retire. First, she disbanded Prominence and joined Nega Nebulus to achieve level 10. Then she decided to battle Haru. As both are level 9, the loser will get his/her brain burst uninstalled. If Haru chose not to finish Niko off, the story proceeds normally, Niko moved but they promised to play together again. Later on, Black Lotus and Silver Crow also battled against each other as level-9ers, and Haru didn’t want to defeat senpai. Kuroyukihime went ahead to London, Silver Crow becomes the Silver King and leads Nega Nebulus, and the ending is similar to my first run, with Haru going to London to meet Kuroyukihime in the accelerated world by flying across the globe via the unlimited neutral field. No White Cosmos here.

Now, if Haru decided to finish Niko off, things get more interesting. The story is sadder, but imo it gives you a choice later for an arguably a “truer” ending. So Silver Crow finished Scarlet Rain off, and Niko has her Brain Burst uninstalled. Just like Noumi, she only remembers Haru et al as somebody that she played an online game together with. Pretty sad. Now, with this branch, when Silver Crow is battling Black Lotus, Haru is given a choice to finish Black Lotus or not (in the previous branch, the game decided that Silver Crow won’t do it). If Haru decided to be a true Burst Linker, Silver Crow defeats Black Lotus, and Kuroyukihime has her Brain Burst uninstalled. It’s very sad event as Haru just cried and cried. T_T Kuroyukihime felt she recognized Haru somehow when she called Haru “Haruyuki-kun,” but couldn’t remember anything and called Haru as “Arita-kun” instead. Very sad.

Kuroyukihime went ahead to London for her study. Level 9 Silver Crow becomes the Silver King and Nega Nebulus’ leader. The story continues though. Silver Crow decided to confront White Cosmos, to fulfill Black Lotus’ goal to defeat her parent.

Silver Crow managed to defeat White Cosmos, and White Cosmos thinks that she can be friends with Kuroyukihime now, without Brain Burst. Haru gained level 10(!) and he got access to the central server. He went there, and he met a virtual Black Lotus with her old memory before Kuroyukihime’s Brain Burst was uninstalled. Haru is overjoyed.

Very touching ending, and still sad as this is only a past memory of Kuroyukihime. She told Haru to get along with her real self, and the game ends with virtual Hime going to tell Haru her past story.

Well, there you go, several scenarios that I have run into so far on Kasoku no Chouten. Of course, regardless of what ending you get, there is one consistent thing. Kuroyukihime’s name is never revealed (as it’s not revealed in the novel yet). Even White Cosmos called her Sac-chan. Only Reki Kawahara knows the answer of that mystery. 😀 The game also never show what really happened when a Burst Linker reached level 10. The idea was when somebody reached level 10, the game is cleared and Brain Burst will be uninstalled from all the players. However, that didn’t happen when Black Lotus or Silver Crow reached level 10. Obviously the director of the game cannot predict the ending of the ongoing novel, so that part is pretty vague.

I still have plenty of CGs to unlock, and the different characters’ routes. Since I doubt we will see season 2 of the anime, I hope I can squeeze everything from this game.


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5 responses to “Accel World: The Peak of Acceleration Progress

  1. Abi Aremania

    June 20, 2014 at 6:44 am

    excuse me can i ask you something, i play it too but it seems i still just got normal ending.. how can “i make the love meter filled”. i ask someone but nothing happened.. I just hangout only 5 times in one game and just get 2 bars heart meter at kuroyukihime. is there has a effective way to make heart gauge filled faster?

    • pika2000

      June 20, 2014 at 6:50 am

      You have to go on dates, pick the right conversation responses, and give her proper gifts

  2. mahesa fikri

    July 21, 2014 at 6:43 am

    are you sure? this season is very touching 😥 i can’t wait any longer

    • pika2000

      July 21, 2014 at 8:17 am

      Continuation of an anime relies quite heavily on the Blu-Ray/DVD sales in Japan, and Accel World didn’t do very well in sales. Although there were hearsay that the author is interested in a second season, it’s up to Sunrise to decide.

  3. mahesa fikri

    July 21, 2014 at 6:47 am

    i want season 2 right now !!!.. 😡


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