Power Rangers Super Megaforce

26 Nov

Yeah, Gokaiger’s adaptation is going to be creatively called Power Rangers Super Megaforce. :roll eyes: And what is it going to be? It will be the Megaforce team “powering up” into Super Megaforce instead of a new series. And how are they going to mangle the legend war?

This is why imo Power Rangers will never work. It’s just a cheap copy-n-paste from Super Sentai, with very little creative idea, to sell toys in the western market. I tried watching the first episode of Megaforce and I cannot even finish it. It made me sick. You cannot just transplant a white jock to replace a somewhat-flamboyant asian guy. I’m talking about Arata, aka Gosei Red. In Megaforce, red ranger is a white muscly jock. It doesn’t work during the action scenes pasted from Goseiger as the stunts are done for the character Arata. The fact that Saban was oblivious to this kinda shows you the level of quality they were doing. Super Sentai is turned into a cheap show with cheap script, bad acting, and zero creativity.

Enter Gokaiger, one of the highest praised Super Sentai series mainly due to the huge amount of fan service in the show. Imagine a year of show full of fan service. That’s Gokaiger, and TOEI managed to do an awesome job compared to Kamen Rider Decade. Well, what Saba is going to do? You can see from the teaser, that it will be just another cheap knock off. Just like the original MMPR, they are transitioning the same characters into the new costume. Makes no sense. While Goseiger has a backstory of them being angels, Megaforce has nothing other than some random teenagers, just like the original MMPR. This kills the whole basis on the designs and motives of the costumes and mecha. Gokaiger are pirates, and now it will be just a new “power” to Super Megaforce? I bet all the nautical references on the mechas will be lost too.

And yes, you saw Dairanger in the teaser. Considering Saban never adapted Dairanger fully (only adapted Kiba Ranger into White Ranger), I don’t know how they are going to pull this. Bah, who cares. I’m just ranting. Just another trash show to sell cheap crappy toys.

Makes me wonder how Saban is going to mangle Gobusters. Gobusters is made to be extremely easy to adapt to Power Rangers. The henshin process is in English, “It’s morphin’ time.” The mechas are called megazords. But I bet Saban will still turn it into yet another generic trash show with cheap script and bad acting, relying more on the cut-n-paste scenes to sell toys.


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