Why I might be switching back to iPhone #rant

02 Aug

I was an iPhone user, the iPhone 5 was my last iPhone. Since having the iPad, I find that it duplicates many things that I would do on the iPhone, so might as well use Android to diversify.

Things went well in general. As a gadget geek, android offers so many choices. But my patience is running dry.

First, my favorite Android phone, the OnePlus One. The price and the spec you get is amazing, $349 for 64GB snapdragon 801, and the battery life was awesome, especially since my iPhone 5 couldn’t even last half a day anymore. Well, came lollipop and CM12, and the bugs are getting into me. Google apps and maps are force closing here and there. Lags are aplenty. Even the camera app sometimes freezes. Just not a pleasant thug to use anymore.

Second, support from manufacturers. I have a Sony Xperia Z1 that I use as a Walkman. Suddenly it’s dead. Great. Went to Sony support in Singapore, and they said they don’t support phones bought outside Singapore (mine is a U.S. Z1). Bullshit. In contrast, I can have my iPhone and Macs, bought in the U.S., serviced in Singapore. Seriously, a mobile device is mobile, meaning users will be using it wherever they are around the world. If your support system is still regionalized, you shall not get my money anymore.

Oh, and guess what, there’s a vulnerability on stagefright. Google it. It allows hackers to obtain system privileges just by sending an infected media. And worse, even Nexus phones with latest Android are not patched. Forget about other phones. To me, this is too much.

Too bad we are in the middle of the iPhone cycle, with the iPhone 6S not coming out till later this year. 

I guess I better start saving some money then.

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