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Attack on Titan dub #rant

It’s been a while since I blog about anything, but of course, it’s time for another rant. 😀

Yes, Attack on Titan is already dubbed in English. I usually don’t like the idea of something being localized, but I have mixed feelings as technically Eren should be speaking in German, not Japanese.. 😀 But that’s beside the point. Dubbing, I mean localizing anime that is originally in Japanese makes no sense in this modern age, unless you have phobia against Japanese language. I would like to point out that even Chinese movies are now shown in theaters in original Chinese, not dubbed. Korean dramas are never dubbed. So obviously the public can accept the idea of watching a show in foreign language and reading subtitle. But Anime? “OMFG I DON’T WANT TO READ MUST BE DUBBED!!!” :roll eyes: No seriously, those are the responses from a LOT of people, including those claiming to be anime fans. Apparently to them, society only speaks in English.

Enough of that commentary, and back to Attack on Titan. My benchmark is Yuuki Kaji, the seiyuu of Eren. He is a pro seiyuu, having voiced a LOT of anime and video games, including Hope in FF-13 and Haruyuki in Accel World. His performance is just top notch, thus he is frequently appears in anime, either as the main or supporting characters. The English voice actor is Bryce Papenbrook. I have no idea who he is, but apparently he’s also the English voice actor of Kirito in SAO. Whatever. The performance will speak for itself.

On the video, fast forward to minute 18. Let’s start with the Japanese version of one of the key scenes in episode 1, when young Eren saw his house destroyed and his mom eaten by a titan.

Note voice acting, when Eren is calling for his mom, when he’s running, his shock when seeing his house and the titans approaching, and his scream when his mom is eaten. Also notice the performance of Eren’s mom. You really sense the desperation and panic. That’s called voice acting.

Now the English dub. Fast forward to minute 17:50 or so.

First, Armin sounds like shit. Seriously, it’s the typical 90s generic dub voice. The Japanese version used a female seiyuu, and it adapts to the character well. But obviously in English, they have to force a male VA, and it just doesn’t work. Let’s hear Eren. Oh man, talk about just reading a script with made up over-dramatization. When Eren is running, you don’t sense any panic nor urgency in his voice, only some artificial hysteria. Oh, and typical “localization,” they have to add dialogues that are not there in the original. When Eren noticed the titans are coming, he only gasped in the original. But in English, they have to add “Oh no.” Why? Because the “acting” is not good enough to reflect the same scene so a dialogue has to be added to tell the audience what he’s thinking? Come on. “Isoge Mikasa” becomes “Hurry up damn it.” Yes, using profanity to mask your crappy dub job. Seriously, WTF?

And then Eren’s mom, simply reading a script. There’s very little sense of urgency and sounds more like a nagging woman than somebody that actually cares about Eren and Mikasa. In the Japanese version, she said something about “at this rate, all three of us…” It reflects their desperation and helplessness of the situation. In the dub? “You want all three of us to die?” Seriously? So Eren’s mom becomes a bitch that want to shift responsibility to the kids as the reason they would die? I guess it’s typical of the western culture to blame somebody else huh. This is why I extremely HATE dub. There is NO REASON to change dialogues in a way that it changes the characters. It’s bull shit. English dub producers seem to think that they are suddenly the “creator” and can change things willy nilly. Bull effin shit. ZERO respect of the source material.

When Hannes picked up Eren, the dubbed Eren said “Put me down you bastard.” Obviously no such profanity in the original. Again, using profanity to mask a crappy dub job, typical bull shit English “localization.”

And finally, the climax of the scene, when the titan picked up Eren’s mom. In the original, Eren simply screamed “Yamero!” with all his might. In the dub? “Stop it no…” LOL. It just happens in Japanese, “Yamero” has three syllables. You might say I’m nitpicking, but I guess they need to add more syllables to match “Yamero.” This is another reason that dubbing just does NOT work. To match syllables, you end up making the situation a bit awkward and/or unnatural. That’s like watching English movies dubbed in Japanese. It does NOT work.

Yes, I criticize Japanese dub the same way on contents that are originally in English. The difference is, you don’t see people saying they have to watch English movies in Japanese dub, unlike anime where the number of people with phobia against Japanese language is astounding. You would think in 2014 there is more tolerance for foreign languages and cultures, but I guess not.

So there you go. In short, bull shit dub job that changes dialogues and characterizations, pretty much the typical English dub, done by producers with no passion for the original material, and no respect towards the original. Oh yes, let’s add profanity some more to make it more “adult.” Bull shit.

On the other hand, I would be interested if they dub Attack on Titan in German.


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Accel World AMV 28 – Silent Scream #accel_world

A new AMV!! ^_^ Sorry haven’t been updating this blog. But enjoy this new AMV. It’s a short one, but I put quite an effort in it, and I hope people enjoy it. I used a song Silent Scream form Girl Next Door.



No youtube. They blocked the video automagically thanks to Avex… 😦

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Accel World Alternate OP (AMV #26) #accel_world

Yay, another AMV! ^_^

Vimeo version.

It’s been a while since I made an AMV. Finally managed to finish this. It’s another AMV of two of my favorite things, Accel World and Eurobeat. ^_^ This time, I used the track “I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” by dream fighters. The AMV started as an AMV reflecting Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime as lovers.

After making my first Accel World alternate OP, I decided to make this into an alternate OP too. Why? Because I’m lazy. 😀 Making it into an OP means I can limit the length of the AMV. Also, it makes it easier in selecting scenes due to the shorter duration. On almost all my AMVs, I also like to introduce the casts of the anime, so making it into an OP kinda makes it natural.

In this AMV, I also used some fan arts done by these awesome artists I found on pixiv. I used a few of the works from . Looks like he’s an Accel World fan too. Also, he seems to be the only few artists left that still do Accel World fan arts on pixiv after the show ended. I also used one art from なかじまゆか. Looks like he/she is a doujin artist too. Of course, fair warning when going to pixiv site, plenty of NSFW materials.

Now if only Sunrise would do a second season of Accel World. I’m in serious withdrawal here.

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Accel World: The Peak of Acceleration Progress

Still waiting for the unlikely season 02, I keep my addiction at bay by playing Kasoku no Chouten. To be honest, I don’t play a lot of dating adventure games, so I was quite intrigue that apparently there are many different routes and endings for Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten. It’s a very deep game! And so many CGs to unlock!


My first run seems like the normal ending/route for the game. It’s the generally happy ending where everybody keep their Brain Burst. However, as I noted in my review, White Cosmos and Cyan Disaster are nowhere to be found. After playing the game for the third time, I noticed several choices that affect the course of the game.

The first one is fairly early in the game, where Haru is going to have tests at school, but Niko dropped by to play some video games with onii-chan.

I think the choice here will only affect the events in the school’s cultural festival. If Haru decided to play with Niko, we will see this during the cultural festival.

If Haru said no, then you won’t get that CG.

The second branch is a very significant one. This is when the Nega Nebulus and Prominence team were fighting Chrome Disaster. During the fight, there is a choice that will result in either Haru or Taku being attacked by Chrome Disaster. This will affect who got infected by the cursed armor. On my first run, it was Haru, thus Silver Crow turned Read the rest of this entry »


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Accel World English (US) dub Preview #accel_world #rant

Rant starts.

Well, the inevitable second rate dub job is here. Instead of simply releasing the original DVD/blu-ray that already have English subtitle in them in the US and make a quick sale while the series is still hot from Japan, Viz decided to delay sales and wasted their money in dubbing Accel World. Of course, it’s a big fail in my book.

1. They added voice feedback for the neuro-linker. It speaks “Load application?” when Haru received the Brain Burst file. This is NOT in the original, ever. Seriously, Viz is digging a hole here. Unless they do more voices for the neuro-linker later on, this is going to be inconsistent throughout the series. If the neuro-linker is supposed to provide feedback when a dialog box comes up, why did it not do so during the wired connection as part of the warning? And how about incoming calls, receiving mail, operating the microwave, etc? This is one of the many reasons I just hate US dub. They just can’t leave the original content alone, they have to add things here and there for NO REASON.

2. No honorifics. Again, another serious problem for a series that relies on the usage of honorifics for the story and characters. Kuroyukihime simply called Haru without the -kun. Problem is, Kuroyukihime uses Haruyuki-kun throughout the series. Just calling Haru by Haruyuki, his first name straight, will imply a certain degree of closeness right off the bat. Also, if Viz follows its own sub, they will get rid of “senpai,” which DESTROYS the whole story and Haru’s character. Haru calls Hime “senpai” because of his character (shyness, thinks that he’s not an equal to Hime, thinks highly of and respects Hime). This is personified in the EX01 OVA. Viz sub completely removes the honorific senpai, replacing with alternate sentences/words. That might be passable as a subtitle as you can still hear Haru saying “senpai.” If they get rid of that in the dub, well, they change Haru’s character. Again, why? What’s wrong with honorifics? It’s a Japanese anime, about Japanese people, happening in Japan, talking in Japanese. Just because they dub it, doesn’t mean they have to change the whole culture. This is like dubbing Harry Potter into American English and changing their dialogues so the vocabularies are more American. Again, another reason I hate US dub. No respect for the original content at all.

3. Changing dialogues. In the dub preview, Megumi said “But Hime…” when she saw Kuroyukihime was going to do a direct cable connection with Haru. This was NOT the original script. In the original, Megumi simply said “Uso… (No way).” Again, changing dialogues for NO FREAKIN REASON! Why? Just to show that the VA can say Hime? Come on, how hard is it to say “No way!”? If they change small things like this, what else are they going to change? GIGA UNCOOL! Oh by the way, they get rid of honorifics, but they keep Hime. Why not change it to “princess”? Double standard.

Haru’s VA started okay-ish, but the voice just deteriorates quickly, turning into a very annoying artificial whiney voice. It’s as if I’m hearing a dub job from the 90s. And Kuroyukihime? The thought of somebody else other than Sachika Misawa voicing Kuroyukihime already made me ill. I’m sure these VAs are fine VAs in their own respect. A lot of the problems in dubbing is not necessarily the VAs, but the director and script. I shudder to think the VAs for Niko or Ash Roller though.

You know what hurts more, the fact that people wanting and loving this dub. I mean really, how many people demand Korean dramas to be dubbed? None. How many want Chinese movies to be dubbed? Not many. How many want Harry Potter to be dubbed and localized into American English? Zero. But Japanese Anime? OMFG it has to be English dubbed and localized because we don’t want to be exposed to Japanese language and culture!!! SERIOUSLY? I swear that some people that pretend to like anime are Japanophobes. If you want to watch a Japanese anime, then what’s wrong watching it in its original language and culture? No, people want it to be dubbed and americanized. 🙄

Worse, this means that the DVD/blu-ray won’t get official release till probably 2014. And then Viz will wonder why it’s not selling well. 🙄

Okay, rant is over. I’ll just go back playing Kasoku no Chouten.

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Tamako Market

Since all the anime I’ve been watching have ended (Magi, Psycho Pass, Vividred Operation) and without any hint of Accel World season 2, I’ve been looking for other anime. Stumbled upon Tamako Market. It’s one of those cutesy every day/school life of a girl anime. It’s about Tamako, a daughter of a mochi shop at Usagi yama shopping district, and her daily lives and activities, families, and friends. It’s one of those light and cutesy anime, very enjoyable.

tamako market gif01

But of course, the one that is the star of the show is actually Dera, the self-righteous talking bird that speaks Japanese and likes mochi. He went to Japan to find a bride for his prince, but then he ate too much mochi, became fat, and hilarity ensues around him and Tamako.

This anime is not actually new. It has completed in 12 episodes. Time to batch download them. 🙂

tamako market gif02

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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A’s

This movie has been advertised in many magazines for some time. After watching Vividred Operation, I kinda start to get curious about this nanoha girl. The last magical girl anime I saw was Cardcaptor Sakura. Boy how time has changed.

The movie is pretty long. I’m only halfway done, but in the meantime, here are some animated GIFs. 😀

nanoha gif01nanoha gif02

nanoha gif03nanoha gif04

nanoha gif05nanoha gif06

nanoha gif07nanoha gif08

nanoha gif09nanoha gif10

nanoha gif11

Yes, I actually found a program to create animated GIFs easily. It’s called GIF Brewey. It’s available at the Mac app store. It’s kinda “expensive” though, $5. Still, it makes things easy to make animated GIFs. 🙂

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Sakura-con 2013 Impression

The last time I went to Sakura-con was actually in 2009. Not sure why, but I wasn’t inclined to go anymore. Not this time, because I had to pay tribute to the creator of my addiction.

In any case, it’s Sakura-con, cosplay extravaganza. For some reason I felt things to be more lively years back when I went, but maybe because I was younger. The opening ceremony was a meh. I mean seriously, if the person that was supposed to start off the whole convention had to stumble on his script on his iPad, that means either he didn’t take it seriously, or they were not prepared. And no, you don’t bring an iPad on stage to read your script. It felt so awkward and embarrassing. The flashy LEDs didn’t make up for it. Vic tried to help, but I wasn’t impressed. At least there was the appearance of Eir Aoi, Luna Haruna, and Reki Kawahara, which to me made up for it.

Now, Sakura-con is not just about cosplay. There are other things too like video games, merchandise sales, activities, panels, etc. It’s impossible to experience everything and still enjoy the cosplayers. Many people were just chillin outside thanks to the nice weather. As for the costumes, the usual suspects were there. Characters from the popular franchises like Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, and old classics like Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, were all there. I also noticed newer franchises like Fairy Tale, and of course, the biggy, Sword Art Online. Seriously, there were countless Kiritos and Asunas. Just observing a line, you would find multiple Kiritos. Klein was also well represented, although not as much as Kirito. Silica and Yui were not as common. Most are doing the characters from SAO arc, and I hardly saw anybody doing the later arcs (maybe Kirito and Asuna ALO version during the autograph session, but not in the wild). Video game characters are also aplenty, seeing how many people dressed up as Team Fortress 2 characters. However, I only saw few Street Fighter cosplayers, and hardly anybody from King of Fighters, other than the awesome K’ cosplayer. There were few western super heroes, although quite a bunch of Deadpools. Alas, there were not that many tokusatsu cosplayers. I saw a Dragon Ranger (Green Ranger), Deka Break, and Gokai Red. I didn’t see any Kamen Riders, but I found two guys dressing up as Eiji (OOO) and Gentaro (Fourze) in their human forms, so that was quite neat.

You know what’s missing? Accel World characters. I saw a girl dressed up as Kuroyukihime, but that’s it. Considering Reki Kawahara was there, it was quite disappointing. SAO took over. 😦 It was as if there was a conspiracy, considering Aniplex was a big sponsor here, and they were the one that brought Reki to the convention, not Sunrise/Viz Anime.

Yes, Aniplex. They have the license for Sword Art Online anime, but not Accel World. Accel World was done by Sunrise, and licensed to Viz Anime in the US. So despite having an author that did both franchises, obviously Aniplex wanted to focus on SAO. I don’t think even Reki said anything/much about Accel World. Like I mentioned during the autograph session, I think I was one of the few that actually had Accel World related goods. It was SAO everywhere. Of course, the hilarious side was Viz Anime streamed Accel World pretty much at the same time as it was aired in Japan, while Aniplex was lagging behind SAO. So yeah, no news about Accel World season 2. They premiered SAO dub, but I didn’t watch it (you can tell which franchise I was more a fan of).

As for merchants, it was expected. Merchants selling anime related goods, manga, video games, costumes, swords, and even independent artists selling their creations. I even saw a guy selling his self-written manga. Of course, there were the doujin sellers too, and the yaoi doujin seller was at it again. “Beautiful men kissing each other!” LOL. Kinokuniya was also there, fleshing out the goods that you don’t really see in their regular store, including Megami magazine (which was still at least 1 issue behind). They also had all SAO and Accel World light novels, minus the latest one. The big booths were for major sponsors, including Aniplex and Crunchy Roll. Aniplex was also big on Vividred Operation (of course, it just ended).

I don’t see big gaming companies anymore, probably because they have bigger conventions.

Alas, I didn’t make it for Eir Aoi and Luna Haruna’s concert. 😦

Fast forward, closing ceremony was a meh (again, having a speech while reading an iPad was not great). The performances were good, especially the Taiko one.

Well, that’s about it. My main goal was to meet Reki Kawahara, and it was fulfilled, despite not having any more information about Accel World. Lastly, here’s a slideshow of some pictures I took during the convention. Enjoy. 🙂

Youtube version

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Sakura-con 2013 Loot

My loot from Sakura-con 2013 so far, are basically Reki Kawahara’s signature. Yes, I finally paid tribute to the creator of my addiction. 😀

One on my Dengeki Bunko magazine vol. 26.

One on my Accel World Official 4 koma Anthology.

And lastly, on my Accel World Vol.08 blu-ray.

I think I was one of the few that actually have Accel World related goods (saw one or two people with Accel World light novels). Everybody else had SAO related goods (mostly posters, some light novels, etc). Too bad they restricted to only 1 item per person, although that’s understandable considering how many people were lining up for the signature.

The signature booth setup is pretty neat too, having some cos-players at the back standing (all are SAO cos-players though). Silica is cute! On the second day, she had a Pina plushie on her head! 😀 The focus seems to be on Sword Art Online. Heck, I only saw 1 girl cos-playing as Kuroyukihime throughout the convention, while there are countless of Kiritos and Asunas.

Anyway, seeing Reki Kawahara in person is worth the trip. 🙂 I wonder how surprised he is seeing how many people are into SAO.

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Vividred Operation Ep 10 Censorship

Just watched Vividred Operation episode 10. This is probably the episode with the most obvious censorship, and rightfully so.

First, I saw this.

I was like huh? They tried to blend in the censor with the red eye of the crow, which is hilarious by itself. But why? Rei is wearing a towel. I mean what are they trying to cover here? It’s not like… well of course, this happens later:

Whoops, don’t drop that towel Rei! I mean come on, do they have to drop her towel? Worse, now it’s like the crow’s eye shoot a laser that flip off her towel…

-_-; … yeah

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