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Scandal on iTunes!

Yeah, awesome! Scandal is a new indy Japanese bandol from Osaka. Heard of Zone or Boystyle? Similar idea. They did a live concert at Sakura-con 2008. Their first single “Space Ranger” was on sale, but the main song shown on the anime MV before the concert was their 2nd single “Koi Moyo,” which are not available in the US, until now, thanks to iTunes. Search for “Koi Moyo” to find it right away. Searching for Scandal will give you other results. Alas, it’s not iTunes Plus, meaning it’s 128kbps DRMed AAC, but 99cent is definitely better than trying to import the CD from Japan. I’m glad that more and more Japanese music are available via iTunes.

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Posted by on April 23, 2008 in bandol, itunes, j-pop, Koi moyo, scandal, single