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My first AT&T wireless bill

Well, I got my first AT&T wireless bill. (Why? We’ll get to that in my upcoming post) Why am I doing a blog post about a bill? Because it came with a manual! Yeah, that’s right. A manual for a bill.

We usually think a bill as simple. It just shows you what you owe and what you’re paying for. But of course, leave it to the wireless carriers to complicate a simple common sense approach by adding bogus fees, charges, taxes, etc, to the point that people are simply confused that they have to pay more that what was advertised (for example, the fees/taxes/charges on my bill is around $10 already!). I’m guessing AT&T did this because they must have gotten a lot of phone calls from people demanding explanations about their bills. Of course, it would have been more logical to simply make the bill simpler, and advertise prices as they will be on the bill. But no, logic is not the way US wireless carriers work. 😛

I found this to be too funny that I have to make a video. LOL.


Posted by on September 29, 2009 in ATT, ATT wireless, bill, iPhone