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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Just watched it.

OK, first of all, WTF with the UFO and aliens? FBI? Roswell? As if I was watching a prequel to the X-Files, not an Indiana Jones movie. I was expecting a movie more about the solving the puzzles of archeology, but those scenes are very brief and Indy seems to already know the answers.

The movie is set in 1957. Urrgh. One of the charm of past Indiana Jones movies was the time period of the 30’s and the Nazis. Now it’s 1957 and the Soviets. Doesn’t feel right, especially when Indy going into the fake house. And then there’s the atomic bomb. Yup, Indiana Jones survived(!) an atomic bomb explosion, mushroom cloud included. How? By hiding inside a refrigerator. Yeah, I rolled my eyes too. Fiction is one thing, but come on.

Harrison Ford is a very good actor. He’s still charming and you can feel his excellent performance in the movie. However, you cannot just cheat age. Although there are plenty of action scenes, they just don’t feel the same.

Then there’s Mac. First I thought, hey, am I watching MacGyver? I thought he was Jack Dalton. Without much background story and character development (other than the similarities of his character and actions with MacGyver’s Jack Dalton), they turned him from friend to foe so quick that you don’t really care about him. You’ll be wondering why he’s there in the first place.

To really appreciate this movie, I recommend watching the first Indiana Jones movie beforehand (Raiders of the Lost Ark). If not, you’ll be like me, “Who the hell is Marion?”

So, what do I think about the movie? Great action scenes. Plenty of comedic and slapstick action scenes, the staple of Indiana Jones movies. Harrison Ford is great. The only problem is the plot and story itself. Alien and UFO just don’t go with Indiana Jones. I was hoping the movie to be more of classic archeology. In the end, it’s okay. I would’ve rather watched it on DVD/blu-ray at home instead if I knew about the story beforehand. Want to watch a great Indiana Jones movie? Get Raiders of the Lost Ark.