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Aleph – Fly To Me

Found this on a Japanese blog

LOL. That is Dave Rodgers(!), in the 80s. LOL. Yeah, this is the beginnings of what will become Eurobeat. Look at the hair style, and the guy playing the guitar… LOL. Alas, the video is not complete.

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Posted by on November 29, 2008 in 80s, aleph, dave rodgers, disco, eurobeat, fly to me


Dave Rodgers on Napster

You can find Dave Rodgers’ hard to find rare rock album “Blow Your Mind” as non-DRMed MP3. Just search for Dave Rodgers in Napster. Highly recommended since the actual CD is only available in Italy (I had to import mine). Question is, why not iTunes?

On eurobeat side, Eurobeat Masters compilations are available on Napster too, although not as complete as iTunes.

I’m waiting for A-Beat-C to go digital via iTunes. SCP too.


Dave Rodgers – Above the Light Neuro Version

Wow, pretty snazzy remix. I have no idea where this version comes from. It’s not in his recent album, Blow Your Mind, that has the original version. Anybody that knows is welcomed to post it on the comments. It’s hard enough getting his album (only available in Italy).

This is the original rock version.