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Duel Love

Duel Love
Stumbled upon this from kotaku. It’s a Nintendo DS game. It’s obviously a shoujo/yaoi game. From the CM, looks like you’re a girl with a bunch of skinny pretty boys that are apparently in a fighting tournament of some sort. There are 4 bishounen boys, and of course 1 shota. So as a girl, what do you do? You cheer them when they’re down during a fight (Note that the DS has a mic), you treat them after fights (treat injuries, massage, wipe sweats), and see the guys enjoying your treatment and then follow the love-sim gameplay. Sounds weird? Watch the CM. LOL. The guys talk and moan too!

This is a game that only the Japanese can come up with. Oh, note that the characters are done by the same person that did Hanakimi. So yeah, finally a touch game for girls or yaoi/shota fans.

This is why I like Japan. They’re not afraid in releasing games like this. In the US, instead of creativity, we have recycled FPS games combined with a paranoid-Jack-Thompson community of idiot parents and lawmakers.

Here’s a bunch of screenshots from the CM.

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Posted by on March 6, 2008 in duel love, nintendo DS, shoujo, yaoi