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Gekiranger becomes Power Ranger Jungle Fury

What can I say. Another moronic imitation of the previous super sentai series. Watch the OP:

Typical non-creative American entertainment. First, the focus are on animals (Jungle Fury) instead of the martial art. however, I’m sure they have to keep the martial art theme in it because that’s the original material that they’re copying from. Next, sunglasses? Are they trying to copy UltraSeven too? LOL How corny and stupid. Motorcycles? WTF? And don’t get me started on the theme song. If you’re wondering what is dumbing America, this is one of them.

Just to refresh the memory of those terrible scenes and song, enjoy the original Gekiranger OP:

Thank God for fansub, one way to get around the censorship in America.

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Posted by on February 24, 2008 in fansub, gekiranger, power rangers, super sentai


Nodame Cantabile SP Part 2!

Sars-Fansubs finally finished the second part of Nodame Cantabile Special. Who abducted Chiaki? Nodame got abducted too? Can Nodame shine?

Poor Chiaki, being “tortured” by Elise. LOL

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Posted by on February 14, 2008 in fansub, nodame cantabile


Fansub FTW!

1. TV-Nihon just released the first episode of Kamen Rider Kiva. A violin playing Kamen Rider? What’s up with the big dinosaur? And what’s the connection between 1986 and 2008? First episode, and already so many questions. Anyway, check out the cool OP.

2. SARS-Fansub finally subbed the first episode of Nodame Cantabile Special. It’s 2 hour long, continuing from the end of the TV series. Nodame and Chiaki are now in Paris. Not as funny as the TV series, but still plenty of “gyabo!” and very nice use of CG to simulate the feel of the manga. Can’t wait for the 2nd part!

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Posted by on February 1, 2008 in fansub, kamen rider kiva, nodame cantabile