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Yet another J-dorama, Voice

Still in J-dorama addiction mode. Another one I found to be really great is Voice.
It’s a story about 5 med students, studying forensic medicine. You would think CSI, but this is still dorama (although one of the students is a fan of CSI, having posters and DVD boxsets at his place). The premise of the show is that forensic science can convey the last word, the “voice,” of the dead, hence the title “Voice.” Aside from Daiki’s anime-like power of deduction, it is actually a pretty touching drama. Each forensic case has very emotional meaning and touching story. Episode 3 even made me cry. LOL. Yeah, forensic is not about solving a fancy murder case, but it’s about finding closure for the family members of the dead.

But hey, why am I watching this? Yup, of course there’s a Kamen Rider connection here. One of the students, Hanei Akira, is played by Sato Tomohito, which is also Kagami Arata, aka Kamen Rider Gattack in Kamen Rider Kabuto. (he’s also in Hotelier, as son of the hotel owner).
sato - gattacksato - voice

Another great J-dorama. Very touching stories. Another reason that J-dorama is very addictive.