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J-Dorama: Hancho

Yet another detective/mystery dorama. Hancho is like the complete opposite of Boss. The leader (Namikiri from Zettai Kareshi), is a kind and soft-spoken leader, the cases are a bit simpler, and slower pacing. Not as exciting as Boss, but oh well, a nice filler while waiting for other doramas to be fansubbed.

Of course, there’s Kamen Rider connection here too, although they’re just supporting characters. There’s Kamen Rider Hibiki as a patrolman, and in episode 2, Kamen Rider Knight as a guest star (also Kirihara from Keitai Sousakan 7)

Update: LOL. The Kamen Rider connection didn’t stop there. Kamen Rider Agito is actually in here too, as one of the main casts. I truly didn’t recognize him. I mean come on, short black hair? Definitely not a recognizable trait, right? LOL. (He had long colored hair in Agito, like normal Japanese person… LOL). So, Agito, Hibiki, and 1 episode of Knight.

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Posted by on July 30, 2009 in agito, hancho, hibiki, j-dorama, kamen rider, knight