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iTunes + Eurobeat?

Who would ever guess, iTunes, a music service from the US, is becoming a Eurobeat heaven. More and more Eurobeat tracks that are previously only available in Japan are released on iTunes. 1st, there was Hi-NRG Attack. 2nd, Delta joined in. Now, NRJ Mania. Do a search for Eurobeat Masters for Delta albums, and Eurobeat Super Collection for NRJ mania. The Eurobeat Super Collection contains extended version of tracks found in Europanic! series, a compilation series released only in Japan back in 2000-2001. 99c DRM free tracks are much cheaper than $30-$40 per CD imported from Japan. I can’t wait for A-Beat-C and SCP to join iTunes.


Delta records in iTunes Music store!

Finally! Eurobeat fans rejoice! Do a search for Eurobeat in iTunes Music Store, and you’ll find albums titled Eurobeat Masters Vol. These are Eurobeat tracks from Delta records, previously only available as expensive Japanese imports from Avex Trax. Now only 99cents per track, and they are all DRM free AAC 256kbps! AWESOME! The only downside is that most of the tracks are “old.” Hardcore fans (like me) are more likely to already have most of them. Still, some tracks are now available in extended version, previously only available as non-stop mix from Avex. Vol.9 contains pretty recent tracks, and 1 of them is not even available yet on Avex’ Super Eurobeat series.

Hi-NRG Attack is the first Eurobeat label that joined iTunes. Although they have some awesome tracks, they are more “raunchy” and don’t really represent the general Eurobeat flavor. With Delta joining in, Eurobeat fans outside Japan can now enjoy the more general flavor of the genre. Most of the tracks from Delta are featured in Initial D anime and para para paradise.

What are you waiting for? $10 per album is MUCH cheaper than $30-$40 per album for Avex Trax’ Super Eurobeat series.

Now if only A-Beat-C joins in. I want my Dave Rodgers fix!


Eurobeat in Cantonese?

Stumbled upon this in Youtube

It’s Ruby Lin, singing a cover of a Eurobeat track Dum Dum Pistol. It became Boom Boom My Disco. I dunno, the singing definitely lacks energy compared to the real deal. The music seems to be very watered down, replaced by some cheap synth.
Here’s a short sample of the real track. Notice that it’s much much more energetic.