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Apple HK selling unlocked iPhone 3G

Read that? Buy an iPhone direct at Apple store in HK, and you can simply put in any SIM card of the provider of your choice, like NORMAL phones. Emphasize the word any. I guess they have to do that so people will actually want to buy it. Unlocked phones are the norm in Asia, unlike the backward USA. So, Apple, when are you going to do that here?

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Posted by on September 26, 2008 in 3g, apple, hong kong, iPhone, unlocked


Unlocked iPhone 3G

According to Apple, there are 2 countries that officially sell the iPhone 3G unlocked. Italy and Hong Kong. The question is of course, how to obtain them. Some online cellphone import resellers are selling the iPhone 3G for $1500. Yup, $1500 for the 8GB version. Isn’t that insane? Apple really have to think about this. Does Apple really want some independent reseller profiting thousands of dollars selling the iPhone 3G? Apple was not happy with the unlocking of the first iPhone, yet still sell the iPhone 3G locked in most countries. At least if you have a friend in Hong Kong, you can be rich.

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Posted by on July 20, 2008 in 3g, hong kong, iPhone, italy, unlocked