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More J-Dorama

Haven’t been posting for a while due to twitter. Twitter feels more convenient than blogging. Oh well, now I feel that I need to do an update. For what? More J-Dorama, of course.

First, Tokyo Dogs.
Starring Shun Oguri and Mizushima Hiro. It’s another police/detective dorama. It’s kinda funny considering Mizushima Hiro starred in Mr. Brain as a cop too. However, this time he’s more like a cop with Nanba senpai’s personality. LOL. Oguri’s character, on the other hand, is a rigid serious cop from the US. Pretty hilarious combo, especially when Oguri’s mom always calling him in the middle of the action. Of course, the Kamen Rider connection is here, with Hiro being Kamen Rider Kabuto (the real one, not the lame one from Decade).

Second one is Otomen.
Where to start? First, we see a son that loves playing with girl’s stuff and stuffed animals. Next, the father announced to his son and wife that he wants to be a woman. Then the wife, while being admitted into a hospital due to the shock from what the father said, told her son that he has to be manly. LOL. This is just the start of the dorama. You can tell things is going to be extremely hilarious. So the son, now in high school, tries to become manly by joining the kendo club and acting manly, while actually like sewing and cooking, and still playing with stuffed animals at home (can’t stop laughing seeing his friend’s expression when he saw that). He met a seemingly normal girl, that in the end of the first episode, actually kicks ass and protects him. LOL. This is why I love J-dorama. You wouldn’t see anything (especially about high-school life) with this kind of story in the US. Another reason I love J-Dorama.

The announcement:
The wife’s reaction:
Asuka with the stuffed animal he fixed:
His friend’s reaction, very touched:

LOL. Oh, of course, too add on the hilarity, Asuka’s antagonist/rival (acting as a bully, but seems to know a lot about flowers… LOL) is Kimura Ryo, the same actor that was all over Nanba senpai in Hanakimi (Nakao), and all over Chiaki senpai in Nodame. This is going to be some seriously hilarious show. But wait, what about the Kamen Rider connection? Of course there’s one. Seto Koji, aka Kamen Rider Kiva, is in the show too, albeit as a supporting role.

Lastly, I can’t wait for the new Nodame Cantabille movie. Hopefully the fansubber group can do their magic.

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Ueno Juri & Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile dorama)

Videos found on Youtube:
Nodame Cantabille Dorama bloopers:

Ueno Juri & Tamaki Hiroshi in Bistro SMAP (english subbed)

Tamaki is just hilarious. Watch his expression everytime he tried the food. LOL

In a quiz show:


Both advertising NEC PC with Windows Vista:

LOL. Microsoft should’ve done the same thing here. Instead, they hired Jerry Seinfeld to do some confusing ads.

Didn’t realize Tamaki Hiroshi is a singer too.


Nodame’s Fart Song dance

Thanks to Yan Dao for spotting this on Youtube.

Very cute, especially the chibi versions of the characters. LOL

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Nodame Cantabile SP Part 2!

Sars-Fansubs finally finished the second part of Nodame Cantabile Special. Who abducted Chiaki? Nodame got abducted too? Can Nodame shine?

Poor Chiaki, being “tortured” by Elise. LOL

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Fansub FTW!

1. TV-Nihon just released the first episode of Kamen Rider Kiva. A violin playing Kamen Rider? What’s up with the big dinosaur? And what’s the connection between 1986 and 2008? First episode, and already so many questions. Anyway, check out the cool OP.

2. SARS-Fansub finally subbed the first episode of Nodame Cantabile Special. It’s 2 hour long, continuing from the end of the TV series. Nodame and Chiaki are now in Paris. Not as funny as the TV series, but still plenty of “gyabo!” and very nice use of CG to simulate the feel of the manga. Can’t wait for the 2nd part!

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