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Love Shuffle

More addictive J-dorama. Love Shuffle, starring Tamaki Hiroshi, aka Chiaki senpai, now as Usa-tan… LOL
Storywise, basically they’re rotating their partners. This diagram from dramawiki explains it better.

So, why does it interest me? Tamaki is hilarious. The screenshots below speak for themselves.
Yeah, LOL. Thank God for fansub! Usa-tan, がんばって.

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Clorets CM

Still finding videos of Tamaki Hiroshi, now some CMs for Clorets. LOL

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Tamaki Hiroshi, October 08

Oh my, what happened to you Chiaki-senpai? Look so scrawny… And what’s up with the mustache? LOL The look reminded me of Go Morita of V6.
(picture is available for download as a wallpaper from his official website)

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Ueno Juri & Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile dorama)

Videos found on Youtube:
Nodame Cantabille Dorama bloopers:

Ueno Juri & Tamaki Hiroshi in Bistro SMAP (english subbed)

Tamaki is just hilarious. Watch his expression everytime he tried the food. LOL

In a quiz show:


Both advertising NEC PC with Windows Vista:

LOL. Microsoft should’ve done the same thing here. Instead, they hired Jerry Seinfeld to do some confusing ads.

Didn’t realize Tamaki Hiroshi is a singer too.