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Accel World AMV 17 – Taku x Haru

Taku x Haru! LOL. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking, but to hell with it. 😀 You can use your own imagination for the last half of the AMV.

Youtube version

Well, this is actually a botched AMV. 😀 If you noticed, Kuroyukihime and Chiyu are non-existent in the AMV other than in the starting credits. I want to use the song おかえり by ayaka for one of my AMVs since I like that song (the ED theme of J-Dorama “Zettai Kareshi”). I had a vague idea in my head, and went ahead making the AMV. I even made a pretty nice opening credits and title screen. I started the clips selection, selecting mostly clips of Taku and Haru first. But then I lost my train of thought. I just couldn’t come up with anything to match the lyrics of the song. The funny thing was, the clips I have selected of Taku and Haru kinda connected with each other, and, well… with a corrupted mind from reading too many doujinshi, voila. 😀 I already made an AMV in the theme of Taku x Haru pairing, Gravi World, so I thought oh well, let’s do another one with a bit of use-your-own-imagination something something. Poor Kuroyukihime, only featured in the starting credit.

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[Gravi World] – Accel World AMV 7 – Super Drive

Yup, more Accel World AMV. Got the idea after perusing The doujin writers are pairing Haru with Taku. タクハル or ハルタク. Well, what would be better than using the song Super Drive, the OP theme of the classic anime, Gravitation. ^_^ Enter Gravi World!

Taku knew that Chiyu like Haru, but what if the reason that Taku decided to confess to Chiyu was not because he like Chiyu, but to prevent Chiyu going out with Haru? 😀 Anyway, I got the images at the end from One, Two, and Three. Word of caution though, there are plenty of NSFW image in, so tread carefully.

Just for comparison, this is the original Gravitation OP.

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