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Panorama test

Playing around in making a panorama photo. I took the pictures with my iPhone.
For the first one, I used the iPhone app called AutoStitch. It’s a very straight forward app for the iPhone is creating panorama pictures, quite handy on the go. Although you can only see a low-res version of the resulting picture on the iPhone, syncing back with iPhoto gave me the full res picture.
pano test 3
Not bad for something that is done on a phone. There are obvious flaws, but again, considering you can do this just within the iPhone itself is pretty neat!

Next I used PhotoStitch, a software from Canon (it’s in the CD included with my S90) using the same pictures taken with my iPhone.
pano test 2
It’s a mixed bag. The sky on this one has an obvious seam from the stitching, but there are less blurring on the deck’s hand rail.

Lastly, I used my Canon S90, and stitch the picture using Canon’s PhotoStitch.
pano test 1
Obviously since the Canon can capture better pictures, it looks better.

Making panoramic pictures seems fun. If you have an iPhone, there are quite a few apps for this. 🙂

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