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[Gravi World v2] – (Accel World AMV 7 v2 – Super Drive)

Episode 9 of Accel World has a ton of cute scenes, one of them, of course, involves Taku and Haru. So, I revised my Gravi World AMV using those scenes, replacing the static images. πŸ˜€

Youtube version in case Viddler is slow.

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[Gravi World] – Accel World AMV 7 – Super Drive

Yup, more Accel World AMV. Got the idea after perusing The doujin writers are pairing Haru with Taku. タクハル or ハルタク. Well, what would be better than using the song Super Drive, the OP theme of the classic anime, Gravitation. ^_^ Enter Gravi World!

Taku knew that Chiyu like Haru, but what if the reason that Taku decided to confess to Chiyu was not because he like Chiyu, but to prevent Chiyu going out with Haru? πŸ˜€ Anyway, I got the images at the end from One, Two, and Three. Word of caution though, there are plenty of NSFW image in, so tread carefully.

Just for comparison, this is the original Gravitation OP.

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