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Accel World: The Peak of Acceleration Progress

Still waiting for the unlikely season 02, I keep my addiction at bay by playing Kasoku no Chouten. To be honest, I don’t play a lot of dating adventure games, so I was quite intrigue that apparently there are many different routes and endings for Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten. It’s a very deep game! And so many CGs to unlock!


My first run seems like the normal ending/route for the game. It’s the generally happy ending where everybody keep their Brain Burst. However, as I noted in my review, White Cosmos and Cyan Disaster are nowhere to be found. After playing the game for the third time, I noticed several choices that affect the course of the game.

The first one is fairly early in the game, where Haru is going to have tests at school, but Niko dropped by to play some video games with onii-chan.

I think the choice here will only affect the events in the school’s cultural festival. If Haru decided to play with Niko, we will see this during the cultural festival.

If Haru said no, then you won’t get that CG.

The second branch is a very significant one. This is when the Nega Nebulus and Prominence team were fighting Chrome Disaster. During the fight, there is a choice that will result in either Haru or Taku being attacked by Chrome Disaster. This will affect who got infected by the cursed armor. On my first run, it was Haru, thus Silver Crow turned Read the rest of this entry »


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Accel World: The Peak of Acceleration PSP Review #accel_world

Finally cleared Accel World Kasoku no Chouten, first run. This is the second game form the franchise Accel World, the first being Ginyouki no Kakusei. Just like the first game, it is available for both the PS3 and PSP, and the special edition of the game includes the EX 02 OVA. I bought the PSP version again as it is cheaper, and portable.

**WARNING: There will be spoilers.

Kasoku no Chouten is a direct sequel to Ginyoku no Kakusei. The story started right after the first game, with Phase 07, with Kuroyukihime senpai telling everybody that she’s going to London after graduation. Remember how the first game skipped the Chrome Disaster arc and went straight to the Dusk Taker Arc? Well, Chrome Disaster arc is here now. Similar story, with the Nega Nebulus team helping Niko to fight Chrome Disaster. The story also continues to Haru being infected with the Disaster Armor, although Haru managed to overcome it rather quickly, enhancing Silver Crow with gold trimmings. The story also covers the Space Elevator race. They really crammed in a lot of stuff.

And yes, looks like there won’t be a third game. Why? The story ended. Yes, the battle for level 10. Black Lotus is kicking ass. And yes, that screenshot that was uploaded on the net is true. Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki finally got together, and we have Yayoi Arita. 🙂

Now I don’t know if there are alternate endings or whatnot as this is my first run. In magazines and website, I saw pictures of Cyan Disaster and White Cosmos, but I don’t see them in the game.

If you have the first game’s saved file in your memory stick, the game will let you use it to get some money bonus and access to the first game’s gallery (only the CGs you have cleared will be shown though). The mini games are there, but you have to buy them.

For the most part, Kasoku no Chouten retains a lot of the mechanics of Ginyoku no Kakusei. Again, to those new to the franchise, this is NOT a fighting game. This is a dating simulation/adventure game, where you will be mostly seeing the characters talking and pressing the circle button to see the next dialogue/scene. Majority of the gameplay is the same. You have the adventure mode where you talk with the characters, then you have the dating simulations where you go on dates, and the same rock-scissor-paper Brain Burst battles. They did add some more features to Kasoku no Chouten that makes the game more enjoyable.

First of all, Brain Burst battles in the first game are pretty much pointless. They don’t add anything to the gameplay as your character’s stats are hard-coded to the story. Heck, it was so pointless that you can skip all battles in the game plus mode. In Kasoku no Chouten, performing Brain Burst battles will actually level up your stats. They also introduces Akihabara Battle Ground (BG), the tournament for Burst Linkers in episode 21. Battling in Akihabara BG will net you some money. Unlike the Brain Burst battles, your stats won’t improve much, and sometimes you won’t gain any additional points at all. Also, you can only do this once per day. This is primarily used to get money quickly, especially later in the game where the gifts are expensive. And yes, remember the name Prussian Stiletto. You will be fighting her most in the game as she is the one with the most reward money.

The game also brings in territory battles, where you will pick an area to do a 3 on 3 tag battle. It doesn’t really add anything to the story per se, but you can recruit additional members for the legion. This is also the only way the other Nega Nebulus members to level up their stats. Only the members that you pick as a team will get the points though.

This creates an imbalance gameplay-story relation. Since you, the player, can do Brain Burst battles as much as you want, Silver Crow will be pretty much the strongest duel avatar. This is especially true later when you are maxing out your stats. All the level 9 kings are nothing against Silver Crow. I mean I pretty much up to the point that I am defeating anybody in two to three turns with my basic attacks. This kinda distorts the game’s story, as while you kick ass during the battles, the story telling reflects otherwise. I guess it reminds you that the focus of this game is not fighting, it’s the dating simulation.

The background music includes some updated arranged tracks, but they are pretty much the same as the first game. I really wish they used the anime OST. They use the second anime opening, Altima’s Burst of Gravity, for the opening of the game. Unlike the first game, looks like they improved the video encoding as it is as smooth as the regular anime now. Also, just like the first game, all the anime seiyuu are here. In addition, we have Utai Shinomiya (Ardor Maiden) voiced too. Alas, Rin Kusakabe is not here, which is ironic as she appears in the EX 02 OVA. Oh, and just like the first game, each character does the piracy warning. Utai’s one is extremely cute!

As for the graphics, well, it is mostly the same. The characters have new wardrobe, but no variety (ie. school uniform, one casual, and a swimsuit. That’s it). Many of the scenes in the accelerated world are now replaced with static images instead of the 3D models. The images are definitely better than the poorly textured 3D models, but it cheapens the game. The CGs are superb, as usual, done with the same style as the anime.

Overall, I enjoyed the game. Of course, I am highly biased as I am a fan of the franchise. Kasoku no Chouten is definitely a better game than Ginyoku no Kakusei, an improved sequel. 9 out of 10. As usual, like most anime-based dating simulation games, this is a game for the fans. If you are not a fan, don’t bother. If you expected a fighting game, look elsewhere.

What saddens me is the fact that they are ending the story, despite the light novel is still ongoing. It is clear that there won’t be a third game, unless they do a reboot/different timeline, or maybe Magisa Garden. Does this mean we may not see season 2 of the anime? 😦 At the same time, they did introduce Utai, complete with her own seiyuu. Maybe there is hope. In any case, this is it for Accel World game. Below is the last scene of the game. Hime: “I love you, Haruyuki-kun.” Yeah, they still don’t say Kuroyukihime’s real name despite the story ending. -_-;

The End.


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Accel World EX02 Impression #accel_world

I have been playing the second Accel World game, Kasoku no Chouten, and subsequently, been watching the second OVA too, EX02. After watching it for like five times or so, I think it’s time to give my impression.

Just like the first OVA, EX01, these Accel World OVAs’ stories are original, ie. they are not part of the novel, although unlike the game, they follow the original timeline. EX02, titled Vacation, is pretty much the onsen episode of Accel World. Yes, apparently it is standard for any anime/manga to have an onsen episode, where most, if not all the characters, are relaxing in an onsen somewhere. The premise of EX02 is that Haruyuki needed to pass his physical examination so he can continue participating in the territorial battles of Brain Burst, so he went into a diet/exercise program, led by Chiyuri and Fuuko. As with any onsen episode, cutesy encounters and fan services ensued.

In the beginning, we actually see Sky Raker in battle for the first time, complete with her wheel chair. Just because she’s on a wheelchair, doesn’t mean she’s incapable of fighting. In fact, she’s pretty deadly, dodging bullets and killed another player in one slice.

After the exhausting territorial battle, Chiyu is criticizing Haru’s appetite, that he immediately prepared a pizza and ate it after the battle.

We also got a glimpse of Kuroyukihime’s inferiority complex, seeing her friend Megumi having a fuller set of breasts. ^_^ And if you go to pixiv, a fan art of the scene is already made showing the full breasts.

Kuroyukihime told Haru that if he didn’t pass the physical exam, he won’t be able to join the territorial battle. Haru, of course, didn’t want that to happen, so Chiyu offered her service to whip Haru into shape. First program is swimming, complete with Niko and Pad joining in to cheer for “oniichan.” Of course, swimming pool means swim suits, and some fan service shots are necessary. Now, I also noticed that Taku had two girls with him. What a playboy. 😀

Haru continued his extensive exercise and diet with Chiyu and Taku, but he didn’t get very far. Fuuko chimed in and suggested a visit to the onsen where burst linkers go.

Interestingly enough, Ash roller was there too.

And of course, a compulsory scene where the main character blushed (yes, they had Silver Crow blushed) seeing his girlfriend’s beautiful body, just like when Haru was in the swimming pool.

But enough of the avatars. Fans don’t want to see the avatars in the onsen.

Rin made a cameo. Of course, they didn’t actually mention her name, and they didn’t even have her talk, but by now, one can put two and two together and guess who she is.

Meanwhile, Namco took the opportunity for some shameless product placement. Haru came by a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade cabinet. He even said it, “Tekken!” Namco did the same product placement in episode 21 of the series too, but they didn’t have anybody saying the name. Haru was reminded of the time his dad showing him the game while he was little. At the same time, Fuuko inquired Chiyu about Haru’s weight problem and what might be the cause.

Meanwhile, Kuroyukihime was dozing off and had a dream about Haruyuki becoming Alibaba, I mean he became tall and slim, and decided to not be involved with Kuroyukihime anymore as he had other girls clamoring over him (yeah, like he is not already). It made Kuroyukihime shed a tear and anxious. Aaawww.

While enjoying a relaxing bath, Haru was trying to remember some events of his parents fighting with each other. This scene, along with the Tekken and Chiyu + Fuuko’s discussion scenes are actually very important for Haru’s character background, something that was completely skipped in the series. In the anime, we only know that Haru lives with his mother. That’s it. No other details were disclosed. In the first novel, it was explained how Haru became overweight and bullied. His parents were divorced, and Haru’s mother is a career woman, thus she was not home most of the time, leaving Haru eating unhealthy food and playing video games.

And finally we reached the climax moment of a typical onsen episode, where the main female and male characters are happened to be together in the bath by “accident.” Kuroyukihime entered the bath, not knowing Haru was already there. Haru turned red and tried to leave, but Kuroyukihime stopped him after she was reminded of her dream. Kuroyukihime then told Haru about her anxiety, how she was afraid that they won’t be able to accelerate once they are adults and about their relationship. Haru reaffirmed her that he is dedicated to Kuroyukihime’s wish, that he will continue to fight. Kuroyukihime confessed to Haru once again, that she loves him regardless of his appearance. Haru turned completely red and passed out. ^_^

Finally, the diet paid off, as Haru managed to pass the exam while looking like a zombie.

The OVA ended with another territorial battle, with Chiyu complaining about Haru’s body turning back to the way it was so quickly. Kuroyukihime then ordered the team to start the battle. I noticed that other than the main characters, the other duel avatars are pretty bland looking. As if they are too lazy to design something unique. Heck, they have two of the same one, just different color and one has a horn. Compare them to Ash Roller. This is also true in the game. Kinda disappointing and a bit jarring, seeing a nicely designed duel avatars like Black Lotus, and then some generic simple opponents.

Well, there you go. Accel World EX02, a cutesy OVA. Even though it doesn’t have any significant battles, I really love it. It explained Haru’s background story, something that was skipped in the series. It also showed the cutesy shyness between Haru and Kuroyukihime. Makes me craving for more! MOAR! I mean really, I have watched this like at least five times. It is okay to hold off my addiction, but it is not a long term solution! Need season 2! I guess I’ll continue playing the game for now. Hopefully something would be mentioned when I see Reki Kawahara. ^_^ Amazingly, he is going to be a guest at Sakura-con. Gotta pay tribute to the creator of my addiction.


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