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Accel World OST #accel_world

I love every part of Accel World. Not only the animation, characters, and stories themselves, but also the soundtrack. Warner Bros. Anime is the music label that release the CDs. Luckily they do provide samples on youtube. Here are some of the great ones:

And of course, the best one for the best scene, when Kuroyukihime did a Physical Full Burst to protect Haruyuki:

What annoys me is the continuing reluctance of the Japanese music labels to release their catalogs outside Japan via iTunes or whatnot. Unless you consult the “alternative” sources, you have to import the CDs. Oh, and typical Japanese music marketing, there are three separate CDs of the OST, not just one. *sigh Imo, it’s worth it. Great soundtrack that will keep the great scenes in memory.

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