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Accel World Ep 14

A pretty major milestone for the series, namely with the new OP and ED themes, which are awesome! The first OP/ED themes are awesome already, so I was afraid the new ones were going to be a let down. I’m glad I was wrong. You can feel the m.o.v.e in the OP. 😉

Oh, and the ED seems to be pulled straight from a doujinshi. 😀

Also found this awesome new fan-art from pixiv.

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Kamen Rider Accel World

Well, this is bound to happen. Found it on pixiv. Kamen Rider Accel is the second rider in Kamen Rider W. It’s bound to happen somebody will cross that with Accel World. And voila, Terui as Haru, Akiko as Kuroyukihime, Shotaro as Taku, Phillip as Chiyuri. Kinda fit actually (Akiko loves Terui, Terui used to antagonize Shotaro, and Phillip dresses like a girl). LOL

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