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Accel World AMV – Wings on Dreams (AMV #20) #accel_world

Just a short AMV using a track from Scandal, Yumemiru Tsubasa. Seems appropriate for Haru x Hime. version:

English subtitled ver:

I feel like I’m running into a wall in making Accel World AMVs. Feels like a lot of the clips I want would be in the last episodes of the series. You see that this is numbered #20. I have few AMVs before this that I’m stuck with as I just couldn’t figure out the right clips. Oh well, at least I enjoy every minute of the process. ^_^

Oh, and no Youtube this time as they blocked and flagged anything with Scandal’s music in it. 😦

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Posted by on August 26, 2012 in accel world, anime, music video


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