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Eric Suen (孫耀威) Live

Wow, he’s still alive… LOL I used to listen to his songs a lot, even have quite a bit of his albums. Even one of my friends became his ‘fanboy.’ Listening him singing those 90’s Chinese/Canto-pop songs really brings back memories.

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Calpico Hello Kitty

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Calpico Hello Kitty, originally uploaded by pata2k1.

Original flavor, and Miffy!

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Calpico Hello Kitty

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Calpico Hello Kitty, originally uploaded by pata2k1.

Peach flavor

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3G iPod nano update

More comparison pictures.

Update on Cover Flow:
-Even though my compilation albums are listed by artists, hence multiple entries in cover flow, when I select the album, the iPod shows the whole track list of the album (regardless of the artist listed in Cover Flow), in the correct order. So I guess it worked half-right on compilation albums. All Apple needs to do is to group compilation albums under “Various Artists.”

Software update 1.0.1:
-So far the only fix I see is the battery charging icon. Before, when I connect the nano to my Macbook, there is no indication whether the battery is charging or not (no flashing thunder). Now there is the thunder icon. Note that after the update, it reset the menu items, so I have to re-configure the menu.

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3G iPod nano Product RED

Well, I’m going to give my previous nano to one of my relatives. She’s happy with her 30GB iPod + winamp, but want something smaller for on-the-go. 😀 Time for a new toy for me while waiting for the Touch.

A quick video overview:

There are quite a bit of reviews out there already, so I’m just going to be brief.

Annoying things:
-Hold slider is too small, and at the bottom to boot! Docking the nano will prevent access to that slider
-I still don’t understand the point of the headphone jack being at the bottom.
-Cover flow is flawed! It listed the albums by artists, and it doesn’t recognize compilation albums. So I have repetitive listings on my albums in cover flaw (as you can see in the video). Hopefully Apple is going to fix this. Fixed in firmware 1.02.
-Click wheel touch area is kinda narrow. I have big fingers, so sometime I miss a “sweep” when scrolling on the click wheel. I guess this is the reason why I felt the menu UI to be “laggier.”
-Chrome back full of smudges! 😦 I wish Apple used the whole aluminum design like the 2G.
-Small screen is not really meaningful for movie playback
-As usual, minimal packaging. Only comes with earbud, USB cable, quick start guide, dock adapter, and stickers.
-When the screen dims during playback, instead of showing the “Now Playing” screen, it goes into a “screensaver” mode, showing only the time, battery status, and a play icon. I can’t find any option to turn this off.

What I like:
-Larger screen than previous nano: Album art and photos are more meaningful now. Plus the higher res screen allow better font sizes.
-Video playback is great for video podcasts
-Now you can access shuffle option directly on the “Now Playing” screen. On previous iPods, you are forced to go to the setting menu.
-Menu UI is not as laggy as I though (see big finger comment above)
-Gapless playback
-Unbelievably thin!

Not a must buy for previous nano owners unless you need video playback. I rank gapless playback and unicode feature higher than anything, so to me the 3G nano is an obvious choice. For my use, I rate it 92%.

The competitors: The Creative ZEN is definitely the main competitor, having larger screen, drag-n-drop, compatible with iTMS DRM free AAC, and divx support. Problem is video support is limited to 320×240 (so regardless of divx support, most videos will have to be transcoded anyway), no gapless, and no iTunes like experience.

I wish Apple would release a flash version of the iPod classic. Now I just have to wait for the Touch. 🙂

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Super Stardust HD

I was itching to play an arcade shooting game, the ones that have a Japanese shooting game feel like Raiden. Well, I stumbled by Super Stardust HD on the Playstation store. It’s a downloadable game for the PS3. Stunning HD graphic, smooth frame rate, slick music, and tons of shooting action that you’re going to feel that your hands are going numb. Instead of a vertical/horizontal scrolling shooter, your ship is placed on a sphere (planet), and that’s your arena. Meteorites and enemies will start falling down to the surface, and it’s your job to mow them down. Kinda like the classic ATARI game Asteroid for the 21st century. Ever had the excitement when playing games like Raiden, where there are tons of enemies and bullets on the screen that it almost seems impossible to even move your ship? Well, that excitement is exactly what I felt when playing Super Stardust HD. It took me quite a while to even finish level one, but unlike some other games, I don’t feel that frustrated at all because of the fun factor.

Really nice and fun game. Recommended for any PS3 owners, considering there are not many good PS3 games in the first place. There is no story whatsoever. Just make sure you rest your hands occasionally, and maybe prepare to buy a new controller. 🙂

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Switching to Mac: Handling .cue + WAV images

I’ve been backing up my AudioCDs as 1 big WAV image file with a cuesheet file containing the track marks and title/artist info. I use this method in windows because one, I have many gapless CD mixes and this method preserve the gapless tracks, and secondly in Windows with the help of Daemon’s Tools, I can simply mount the .cue file and Windows will think it’s the actual AudioCD, allowing any CD-ripping programs to rip the tracks without any extra steps.

1 thing I found out in Mac OS X, there is no way to mount cuesheet associated with WAV files. I gave up and use my Windows PC to rip/encode MP3s. Then I stumble to this freeware called XLD. It doesn’t mount cuesheets like Daemon Tools, but it recognized the content of the cuesheet, the associated WAV file, and the track marks info, and allow you to rip them into MP3s! Prefect! Even better, it uses Lame MP3, the best MP3 encoder out there. Ripping the tracks is very straightforward. Set the encoder (Lame, AAC, OGG, etc), set the folder path, open up the .cue file, click Decode, and let it go.

To complete my MP3 rips, I also found MacMP3gain, the Mac GUI for MP3gain. It’s not as intuitive as the Windows version of MP3gain, but does the job.

Great! 🙂 Now all I need is the equivalent of EAC for Mac OS X, and I probably won’t need windows anymore. Can’t wait to get the new iMac with Leopard.

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