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A movie starring two familiar actors (and few others too). I guess this is what happened to Eiji and Ankh after Kamen Rider OOO.

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Accel World Ep 15 Quick Recap #accel_world

The time has finally come, the moment that Noumi Seiji/Dusk Taker stole Haru/Silver Crow’s wings/flight ability. The episode started with Haru’s first battle with Seiji, and it ended badly, with both Chiyu and Haru crying… T_T So sad…

Add on to that Haru and Taku’s friendship being threatened due to Haru trying to keep everything a secret. It’s drama and sadness. Luckily the episode moved briskly to Haru meeting Ash Roller again. This is where Ash Roller’s character shines. (S)He’s one burst linker that is truly enjoying the game. When Haru told him to just finish him, (s)he decided not to, and took Haru to meet Sky Raker (or Laker? Since it was katakana, every translations were Raker before the official subtitle stating Laker).

Anyway, it’s an emotional episode, at least the first half. The even more unfortunate side of this, no Kuroyukihime at all (other than in Haru’s flashbacks). Looking forward to a brighter episode 16, at least until Chiyu switches sides (Poor Haru and Taku, your hardship is just starting).

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Accel World AMV 16 – I’ll Fly

Well, to commemorate a new arc of Accel World, another Eurobeat AMV! ^_^ This time I picked the song “I’ll Fly” by Candy More, quite an upbeat song. I want to use something upbeat in preparation for the hardship that Haru and friends are going to go through in the upcoming episodes. The AMV is a bit of digest of the first arc with clips from the second arc and of course, the latest episode 14. I was also playing with more video effects and whatnot. Hope people enjoy it. ^_^

Dailymotion version:

Youtube version:

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Accel World Ep 14

A pretty major milestone for the series, namely with the new OP and ED themes, which are awesome! The first OP/ED themes are awesome already, so I was afraid the new ones were going to be a let down. I’m glad I was wrong. You can feel the m.o.v.e in the OP. 😉

Oh, and the ED seems to be pulled straight from a doujinshi. 😀

Also found this awesome new fan-art from pixiv.

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Accel World AMV 17 – Taku x Haru

Taku x Haru! LOL. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking, but to hell with it. 😀 You can use your own imagination for the last half of the AMV.

Youtube version

Well, this is actually a botched AMV. 😀 If you noticed, Kuroyukihime and Chiyu are non-existent in the AMV other than in the starting credits. I want to use the song おかえり by ayaka for one of my AMVs since I like that song (the ED theme of J-Dorama “Zettai Kareshi”). I had a vague idea in my head, and went ahead making the AMV. I even made a pretty nice opening credits and title screen. I started the clips selection, selecting mostly clips of Taku and Haru first. But then I lost my train of thought. I just couldn’t come up with anything to match the lyrics of the song. The funny thing was, the clips I have selected of Taku and Haru kinda connected with each other, and, well… with a corrupted mind from reading too many doujinshi, voila. 😀 I already made an AMV in the theme of Taku x Haru pairing, Gravi World, so I thought oh well, let’s do another one with a bit of use-your-own-imagination something something. Poor Kuroyukihime, only featured in the starting credit.

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Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

I don’t usually like zombie related stuff, but the anime Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka, これゾン in short, is different. It’s an anime based on a light novel by the same name. This is basically my guilty pleasure while waiting for new Accel World episode.

Where to start? This is not the zombie you’re looking for. Really, the title is misleading. The “zombie” here is not what you think of a zombie, a mindless brain-eating undead. Well, Ayumu is an undead for sure, but as a “zombie,” he still retains his mind fully. Oh, he’s also stronger than your normal human, and his weakness is sunlight. Yeah, sunlight. By the way, a supposedly vampire ninja character, is fine with sunlight. Confused? Vampire ninja? Wait, there’s more. Other than being a “zombie,” Ayumu becomes a magical “girl” too, complete with the skirt and pantsu. Of course, there’s the original magical girl with a chainsaw, and a necromancer.

Now I don’t know if the writer just didn’t understand the zombie mythos, but this is not a serious series. It’s a harem ecchi-filled comedy. And it works. The series doesn’t take itself seriously, and even jokes about itself, it’s hilarious. You watch this series for its non-sensical fun, and you’ll enjoy it. Who cares about the inconsistencies with the original zombie mythos when Ayumu is running and crying like a girl in a magical girl outfit while being photographed by people around him with their cellphones. I made a set of funny clips taken from the first 2 episodes.

A funny note is how Ayumu seems very conscious about his ass. LOL. It’s a common theme in the anime. Currently it’s on its second season, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead. They are both available on Hulu Plus. Hilarious and highly recommended!

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Awesome Accel World AMV/Alternate OP

Found this on Youtube.

The guy/gal pretty much redid the credits and the title to be put on the video, with some matrix-style animation, making it look like a genuine OP from the anime itself. Awesome! I wish I’m that skillful. ^_^

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