Firefox 2 crapping out

15 Apr

OK, I’m getting tired of Firefox 2. I’ve been using Firefox since it was Firebird. I love the extensions, especially adblock. So what’s the problem? I don’t know whether it is due to the latest version of Firefox 2 or Adobe’s latest flash plugin, but my Firefox has been unusable on random occasions by taking up 100% of the CPU. It’s been happening in the past, although not as often as recently, and updating to the latest version ( and installing the latest Adobe’s flash plugin don’t seem to help. No, I’m not browsing in 7 tabs, this happened randomly when I’m using 1 or 2 tabs only. Usually it happens when there’s a flash plugin involved (eg. Youtube). Thing is, most of the time it’s fine, but I’m getting tired of these random 100% CPU glitches. Even worse, if there’s a script from a website that is not responding, Firefox seemed stuck trying to load that site, taking 100% CPU/freezing up. For example, I have a twitter update on my blog. Twitter is down, and now Firefox freezes up everytime I’m trying to access my blog, taking 100% CPU. To add insult to the injury, Firefox 2 easily gobbled up more than 100MB of my RAM, even when I have no tabs opened. In fact, I’m using IE7 now to post this.

Although IMO IE7 is a bit faster than Firefox 2, I love adblock extension too much to give up Firefox. Downloading Firefox 3 beta now.

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Posted by on April 15, 2008 in 100% cpu, adobe, Firefox 2, firefox 3 beta, flash


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